How to use "stigma" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "stigma" in popular movie and book plots

  • Amir must deal with the stigma of being divorced, which hampers his chances to enter a new relationship; when he encounters his divorcee, Na'ama, their mutual loneliness leads them to have sex.  - Srugim (season 1)
  • Fearing the social stigma if she gives birth to a fatherless child, Maalu is forced to marry Ikkoran, who is compassionate and agrees to nurture the child as his own.  - Naadan Premam
  • Inspired by Korean culture's strong stigma against adoption, the film stars Gil Hae-yeon and Ahn Ji-hye as a mother and daughter living on a farm in Korea.  - In Her Place
  • As Arul is taken to prison, he contacts Yazhini and pretends that he has once again returned to his drunken habits as he does not want her to suffer with the stigma of being a criminal's wife, effectively ending their relationship.  - Iraivi
  • Given the stigma on unwed motherhood in the black community and behind, she was deemed unfit.  - Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice
  • Defying the stigma that silences so many, Signe takes us on a journey deep into her own depression where she looks to confront the family demons.  - Rocks in My Pockets
  • Returning home, Maud faces stigma from her neighbours and work colleagues.  - Suffragette (film)
  • Sondra has a rebellious teenage daughter Zoey who acutely feels the stigma of being a pastor's daughter.  - Moms' Night Out
  • An anthology of five short films exploring the impact and stigma of mental illness.  - Call Me Crazy: A Five Film
  • Rape victims from Kunan Poshpora describe the trauma they went through at the hands of the army and the stigma that they still face due to the incident.  - Inshallah, Kashmir
  • Sullivan and Pauline's father discuss how the system turns worker against worker, and how the stigma of welfare leads to £600 million being unclaimed.  - The Spongers
  • Savitri agrees and the rest of the film is based on the social stigma attached to artificial insemination and surrogate motherhood.  - 9 Nelalu
  • Alex tells Skye in private that she wanted her over because it is a special day for her, and Skye is the only one who could ever understand what it is like to live with the stigma from being Charlie Rotter's daughter.  - My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3
  • Ronnie comes from a wealthy background however she finds herself alone and afraid of forming emotional attachments, wanting to avoid the stigma of being a prostitute, she instead pays the men she goes on dates with.  - Girl$
  • The twins must deal with the social stigma of middle school, they both have their own friends, while remaining close.  - Take Two (novel)
  • While dealing with pressures of the stigma attached of nursing a child sired through another woman from family and friends, she must also deal with the fact that a naive Gauri may decide to keep the child.  - Life Express (2010 film)
  • The episode is introduced in flashback, narrated by a female voice-over who explains the plight of Neil, a student at Greendale who had hoped that the stigma of teasing and name-calling from other schools would not carry over to Greendale.  - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Community)
  • One day Pran came to know about the reality from the same nurse and to erase his past identity or stigma to be born from a prostitute, he kills the nurse.  - Bewaqoof
  • Swann’s passion turns to consuming jealousy, which leads him eventually to accept the social stigma of marrying her.  - Swann in Love (film)
  • Mizuki confronts Moriguchi over the HIV-contaminated blood, to which Moriguchi admits that she never actually contaminated the blood, and only used that as a means to scare the two students and create stigma against them within the class which worked in Naoki's case but not Shuya's.  - Confessions (2010 film)
  • A strong and passionate relationship between the two soon begin to suffer the stigma of suspicion.  - A Pele do Ogro
  • Despite the horrific nature of the incident and the stigma attached to it, Sanwari and Sohan muster up courage and go to the police station to lodged a First Information Report, but the corrupt inspector (Ravi Jhankal) refuses to lodge the FIR in absence of a medical report.  - Bawandar
  • Amir must deal with the stigma of being divorced, which hampers his chances to enter a new relationship; when he encounters his divorcee, Na'ama, their mutual loneliness leads them to have sex.  - Srugim
  • In an effort to protect his fiance's brother, the stigma associated with Marian Thorne's condition rests upon Tom.  - Brown of Harvard (1918 film)
  • At first, he regrets siring a child who will live with the stigma of a criminal father (like himself, his brother, and Haru), but he is soon overcome by the love in his daughter's eyes, and finally lets go of the past to live for the future.  - The Devil on G-String
  • Fearing social stigma Mercy divorces Ravi unwillingly.  - Nirakkoottu
  • To protect herself and her child from the stigma of an illegitimate birth, Emma tells her landlady and new friends that she is married to a sailor currently away at sea.  - A Woman of Substance (miniseries)
  • Pugazh's mother sends Pugazh away with Shaan's estranged wife (who is the adopted "mother") as she did not want him to grow up carrying the stigma of being the son of a disgraced army officer.  - Villu (film)
  • The documentary introduces the couple's personal histories – childhood years learning to communicate in a special school, experiencing the stigma surrounding deafness in mainstream high schools, and having meaningful careers in the Deaf community at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.  - Hear and Now
  • Elsha uses her unlikely position to fight the stigma and oppression of her people, eventually inheriting the title for herself after the Firelord's unexpected death and changing the course of the planet's history for the better.  - Winter of Fire
  • Lee sends Chris away and moves the family away from the farm, to New York where she takes a job to pay off Larry's debts, and withholds the truth from Penny, wanting to shield her from the stigma of scandal.  - The Secret Heart
  • While her marital family appreciates her sacrifice - they are unable to completely accept her back 'RETH' traces Jia's difficult but courageous battle against the stigma - to emerge strong and stand tall in the face of a damning society.  - Reth (TV series)
  • She views slavery as a stigma and wants it to remain secret.  - The Firebrand (Kemp novel)
  • Nevertheless, the divine ladies convince his family that he is indeed dead, adding the stigma of widowhood to Satyavati's other woes.  - Jai Santoshi Maa
  • Baldev, who wanted to wash a stigma is now about to lose his son.  - Apne
  • He agrees to become the executioner for money and housing, but also takes on the social stigma of being the community's executioner.  - The Widow of Saint-Pierre
  • Charlie was an illegitimate child at a time when this carried a heavy stigma in Catholic Ireland.  - Da (play)
  • Shortly after his death, Charlotte discovers she is pregnant with Clem's child, and in order to escape the stigma of an illegitimate child, she journeys West to have her baby, a daughter she names Clementina (or "Tina").  - The Old Maid (1939 film)
  • Rajnath and Sanjukta send Ajay to boarding school to prevent him from bearing the stigma of being an illegitimate child.  - Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki
  • The film deals with the social stigma associated with a handicapped girl in a rural milieu.  - Porkkaalam
  • Nevertheless, upon his return to the Soviet Union he still retained the stigma of having been a prisoner of war and was often relocated because of political reasons.  - The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years
  • Vishwa is unmarried and Thulasi has gone through an unceremonious ritual in the name of matrimony, but fear of societal stigma and innate inhibition keep them asunder.  - Vishwa Thulasi
  • Vincent has had to live with this stigma hanging over his own reputation, and history begins to repeat itself when his own son, Joey LaMarca (James Franco), a junkie, becomes involved in a drug-related killing.  - City by the Sea
  • He remains himself while turning into a wolf, and is able to fully use his four-leg incarnation to fight various enemies; and in this magical world (unlike, for example, in the later created Harry Potter universe), there is no social stigma attached to lycanthropy.  - Operation Chaos (novel)
  • In a private moment, K'Ehleyr confirms to Worf that the Klingon boy is his son, Alexander, and she did not tell Worf for fear he would try to have a deeper relationship with her; Worf, already burdened by his discommendation, fears for Alexander's future, given the stigma of his family name.  - Reunion (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Realising the stigma now hanging over her, Freya decides to leave on the night train for the city.  - The Year My Voice Broke
  • Kit McMahon struggles to grow up without her mother and with the stigma of her mother's death.  - The Glass Lake
  • His family's fear of their son being put in an institution, and possibly the stigma attached to leprosy, have forced them to keep his presence secret.  - The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier
  • Deborah's parents, Esther and Jacob, are torn between their love for their daughter and their shame at the stigma of her illness.  - I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (novel)
  • Later, most witnesses swear that they saw a stigma in the form of a scarlet "A" upon his chest, although some deny this statement.  - The Scarlet Letter

Example sentences for "stigma" in interesting articles

  • India has more married women with an unmet need for family planning than any other country, and social stigma and a lack of privacy in stores has kept condom use to less than 6 percent.Read More: Durex Wants to Break India's Condom-Buying TabooGlobally, men tend to take a back seat in matters of contraception.  - New male contraceptive may be submitted for Indian approval this year
  • There’s also a social stigma tied to carrying in your lunch.  - The daily lunch delivery of India's dabbawallahs
  • The reasons for the disappearance are a lack of recognition, displacement of communities, the absence of a livelihood option for speakers and stigma against ‘under-developed’ mother tongues. Count Went Down In 1971: The 1961 census listed 1,652 languages, which were cut to 1,100 as many were found to be variants.  - Indias lost 220 languages in past 50 years
  • These women were excluded by everyone except each other—and softening the stigma started the healing.  - Warren Buffett’s Best Investment
  • It has been four decades since the former first lady Betty Ford went public with her breast-cancer diagnosis, shattering the stigma of the disease.  - Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer
  • Even though serving time is a commonplace event in certain communities, research data suggests that a huge stigma persists for those who have been sent to prison and their families.  - It’s Not Just the Drug War (2015)
  • [If health-care providers can’t overcome the stigma of mental illness, who will?] Universities and hospitals have sought to change the culture of medical education in other ways as well.  - Medical school can be brutal, and it’s making many of us suicidal
  • It may cause a stigma to be in a separate class, however, it may benefit them in the end to have someone looking out for their progress. on November 28, 2010 at 11:34 pm | Reply mamazee “I’m a product of the Canadian education system, but I am now homeschooling my children.  - Why Do Schools Stigmatize "Gifted Children"?
  • Embracing riskDavid Noel, SoundCloud's "VP of Community" says one factor helping Berlin become more like Silicon Valley is that the attitude to risk is changing."If you fail in Europe, you have the stigma of failure that you carry around.  - Next Silicon Valley? Berlin's battle to be a tech hub
  • When the Department for Education asked a cross-section of British teenagers for their views on maths and physics, five words summed up the subjects' image problem: male, equations, boring, formulaic, irrelevant.But no such stigma exists in Russia, says Mr Lambertin."They've really gone beyond that," he says.  - Why is Russia so good at encouraging women into tech?

Meaning of "stigma" in English

  • a skin lesion that is a diagnostic sign of some disease
  • an external tracheal aperture in a terrestrial arthropod
  • a symbol of disgrace or infamy
  • the apical end of the style where deposited pollen enters the pistil

Meaning of "stigma" in Hindi

  • धब्बा ( Dhabba, dhabbaa)
  • बट्टा ( Batta, battaa)
  • कलंक ( Kalank)
  • फूल के गर्भ केसर का सिरा ( Phul ke garbh kesar ka sira, phool ke garbh kesar kaa siraa, ful ke garbh kesar ka sira)
  • लांछन ( Lanchhan, laanchhan)

Synonyms of "stigma"

  • brand
  • mark
  • stain

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