How to use "stratified" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "stratified" in popular movie and book plots

  • Cascadian society is highly stratified and the majority of citizens - called Employs - work for the corporations and are connected to the Grid, a massive social monitoring network digitally connecting everything and everyone in cities like Glass.  - Mirror's Edge Catalyst
  • When it is not possible to make strata for stratified sampling, there may be some knowledge about the forest where it can be said that small groupings are possible.  - Forest inventory
  • Socially and economically, however, it predicts a very stratified class structure and a largely communal society where few mega-corporations control all means of production.  - A Story of the Days to Come
  • William soon becomes obsessed with a worldly young prostitute named Sugar, an unconventionally intelligent and strong-willed young woman who uses the affair with William to climb to a higher perch in the rigidly stratified class system of the time.  - The Crimson Petal and the White
  • Citizen's inside the corporate dominated society are stratified into Execs(leaders and politicians), Techs (technicians and skilled labor), and Migs or migrant unskilled workersThe Company recruited Sten's parents, Amos and Freed Sten using false advertisementThe company uses different techniques to keep the Migs on Vulcan.  - Sten Adventures Book 1: Sten
  • The Marquis takes place in Venisalle, a fictional land resembling France during the mid-18th century, complete with stratified society and Church dominance of everyday affairs.  - The Marquis (comics)

Example sentences for "stratified" in interesting articles

  • It’s starving our souls and stunting our intellectual pursuits into ever more stratified vertical slices.Karoshi: Suicide Saleryman is a flash game where the goal is to kill yourself at work on every level.Technically Americans work slightly more hours per year than the Japanese, but neither of those numbers include unpaid overtime or extra work you’re supposed to do around and for your regular job.  - Against Productivity
  • Different functionality is nicely organised and stratified in the Vue constructor object or is applied directly to DOM nodes in the template via directives giving them more context to be understood by.Wrap up, TL;DRjQuery is only easier if you already understand Javascript and the DOM API.  - Vue.js is easier to learn than jQuery
  • However, we verified that none of the findings reported in this study could be accounted for by sex differences in any of these factors (Methods).Table 1: Summary of the demographic details of the individuals sampled in this study stratified by sex.Full size tableSex-biased expression and splicing was investigated in each brain region separately and by averaging gene-level signals across all brain regions.  - Widespread sex differences in gene expression in the human brain (2013)
  • The Online Appendix contains additional analyses of the representativeness of players stratified by lottery ( Table AIV ), players with pre- or postlottery children ( Table AV ), and the representativeness of players’ children themselves ( Table AVI ).  - Wealth, Health, and Child Development: Evidence from Swedish Lottery Players
  • Analyses were stratified by sex and age (young–old vs old–old) where interactions with occupation were significant. Results Employed older adults had better health outcomes than unemployed older adults.  - Study: Retiring later may be good for your health
  • This is tested using two separate UK surveys, each randomly stratified by age, gender and regional population size.  - New paper by Robin Dunbar exploring social media vs. real world networks

Meaning of "stratified" in English

  • deposited or arranged in horizontal layers
  • (used of society) socially hierarchical
  • arranged in a sequence of grades or ranks

Meaning of "stratified" in Hindi

  • स्तृतमय ( Stritamay)
  • स्तरीकृत

Synonyms of "stratified"

  • bedded
  • ranked
  • graded
  • class conscious

Antonyms of "stratified"

  • unstratified

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