How to use "strident" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "strident" in popular movie and book plots

  • Years of arduous training follow, Li surpassing his initial lukewarm interest and mediocre performance after inspiration from senior teacher Chan (whose advocacy of classical Russian ballet as opposed to the politically aimed, physically strident form required by Madame Mao leads to the teacher's apparent banishment).  - Mao's Last Dancer (film)
  • An unnamed Republican president (whose appearance is modeled after Bill Clinton and whose voice is modeled after George Bush) is running for reelection during a divisive war, and one of his speech writers, David Murch (Jon Tenney (The Stepfather, Legion)), goes on TV to speak with talk show host Marty Clark (Terry David Mulligan) and strident right-wing sexpot (and Ann Coulter-like) Jane Cleaver (Thea Gill).  - Homecoming (Masters of Horror)
  • After leaving university, Carpenter has drifted from one dead-end job to another, and also moved between various unsatisfactory sexual relationships, with the strident feminist Veronica, the kleptomaniac Karen, married colleague Eleanor and the unstable Penny.  - In Limbo (novel)
  • She is a bossy, strident housewife, coping with the difficulties of rationing, near-slum housing and a drab, joyless environment.  - It Always Rains on Sunday
  • The deserted, windblown streets of Melbourne are punctuated by the rise of dramatic, strident music over a single powerful image of a previously seen Salvation Army street banner that pleads to the world, to the future: "There is still time.  - On the Beach (1959 film)
  • Shelby and Eli carry on a tempestuous relationship, but when Shelby is confronted by Eli's strident professions of love, she brutally ends the affair.  - Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies
  • The song is a slow, leaden march in G Major, begun with David Gilmour and Roger Waters alternating calm and strident voices, respectively.  - Waiting for the Worms
  • As they await news, Mannering meets Dominie Sampson, a learned but socially inept tutor, and Meg Merrilies, a wild-looking, strident Gypsy woman, who has come to tell the child's fortune.  - Guy Mannering
  • The strident voice of old Ladas squeaked once more: “Let’s kill him.  - Christ Recrucified
  • Irate at this lapse in protocol, the always strident and by-the-book Pascal (for whom the crew has no respect) attempts to take command of the Stingray; the crew does not supports his action.  - Down Periscope

Example sentences for "strident" in interesting articles

  • “That’s only a 50 percent conversion! The question with any CEO of Yahoo should be, what should success look like? It should be more.”One of the most strident voices of late has been Jeffrey Smith, the head of an equity firm called Starboard Capital, who wrote a long letter last year lecturing Mayer not only on her Alibaba strategy but the futility of her ambitions to make Yahoo great.  - Marissa Mayer Has Completed Step One
  • But deeper factors are also critical in explaining why they have not been more strident critics of the carceral state. As I explain in my previous book, The Prison and the Gallows: The Politics of Mass Incarceration in America, some key social movements and liberal interest groups, including the victims’ rights movement, women’s movement, prisoners’ rights movement, and the anti-death penalty movement, developed in ways that reinforced the punitive turn in penal policy. Caught focuses more intently on the role of black leaders, politicians, and advocacy groups.  - It’s Not Just the Drug War (2015)
  • The IE, as it's ubiquitously called, has lost almost 20% market share in India in the past two years, even as Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox make strident foray.  - IE loses 20% marketshare in India
  • Its vowels include plain, pharyngealised, strident and breathy, and they carry four tones.  - The world’s hardest (for native English speakers) languages
  • Tuesday’s vote took aim at FCC rules that were approved in October over strident Republican objections.  - The House just voted to wipe out the FCC’s landmark Internet privacy protections
  • This is why rich people who are strident in their calls for ‘increasing taxes on the rich’ don’t send all their Extra Money to the government voluntarily. Educhatter says: Stepping back with a wider lens, highly motivated, academically inclined students look a lot different.  - Why Do Schools Stigmatize "Gifted Children"?
  • Tuesday’s vote took aim at FCC rules that were approved in October over strident Republican objections.  - The House just voted to wipe out the FCC’s landmark Internet privacy protections
  • That unbroken streak changed in the 1930s, thanks to a British scientist with the fantastic name of Lancelot Hogben.Hogben was a talented but irascible zoologist with strident left-wing politics and penchant for burning bridges.  - How a Frog Became the First Mainstream Pregnancy Test

Meaning of "strident" in English

  • unpleasantly loud and harsh
  • being sharply insistent on being heard
    - shrill criticism
  • of speech sounds produced by forcing air through a constricted passage (as `f', `s', `z', or `th' in both `thin' and `then')
  • conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry
    - a clamorous uproar
    - strident demands
    - a vociferous mob

Meaning of "strident" in Hindi

  • कठोर ( Kathor)
  • श्रुतिकठोर ( Shrutikathor)
  • सुनने में कडा ( Sunane men kada, sunane men kadaa)
  • पक्का ( Pakka, pakkaa)
  • तीक्ष्ण ( Tikshn, teekshn)
  • कर्कश ( Karkash)
  • कर्णभेदी ( Karnabhedi, karnabhedee)
  • सुनने में कड़ा ( Sunane men kada, sunane men kadaa)

Synonyms of "strident"

  • clamorous
  • shrill
  • spirant
  • continuant
  • blatant
  • sibilant
  • clamant
  • raucous
  • vociferous
  • fricative

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