How to use "subside" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "subside" in popular movie and book plots

  • Rajesh comes back home with Geeta in hope that his mother's anger will subside sooner or later.  - Man Ki Aankhen
  • Every year his paranoia reaches its climax around the fifth of October, after which date his fears subside for a while.  - The Mystery of Cloomber
  • dr Sapirstein insists the pain will subside soon, and assures her she has nothing to worry about.  - Rosemary's Baby (film)
  • As expected, the commotion at the mine started to subside and workers were being dismissed.  - Growth of the Soil
  • The three shake hands and wait for the chaos to subside before leaving.  - Infernal Affairs III
  • His ambitions quickly subside when he feels the immense pressure of being boss and begins to have asthma attacks brought on by anxiety.  - Silvio Dante

Meaning of "subside" in English

  • wear off or die down
  • descend into or as if into some soft substance or place
    - She subsided into the chair
  • sink down or precipitate
  • sink to a lower level or form a depression

Meaning of "subside" in Hindi

  • नीचे हो जाना ( Niche ho jana, neeche ho janaa, niche ho zana)
  • बैठना ( Baithana, baithanaa)
  • उतरना ( Utarana, utaranaa)
  • कम होना ( Kam hona, kam honaa)
  • धीमा पडना ( Dhima padana, dheemaa padanaa)
  • उतर जाना ( Utar jana, utar janaa, utar zana)
  • बैठ जाना ( Baith jana, baith janaa, baith zana)
  • घट जाना ( Ghat jana, ghat janaa, ghat zana)
  • शांत होना ( Shant hona, shaant honaa)
  • धीमा पड़ना ( Dhima padana, dheemaa padanaa)
  • प्रशमन होना ( Prashaman hona, prashaman honaa)
  • शान्त होना ( Shant hona, shant honaa)
  • धँस जाना ( Dhans jana, dhans janaa, dhans zana)
  • अधोगमन करना ( Adhogaman karana, adhogaman karanaa)

Synonyms of "subside"

  • settle
  • lessen
  • sink

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