How to use "substantive" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "substantive" in popular movie and book plots

  • She offers to be Frank’s undercover mouthpiece in the press in exchange for the elevated profile that she would gain from breaking substantive stories.  - Chapter 1 (House of Cards)
  • The mole is passing substantive material, including US intelligence, to Polyakov, his handler, whilst Polyakov's material has just enough substance to persuade the CIA to share information with the British.  - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (film)
  • His lack of substantive form is explained by his being "a confidential prisoner with no shape".  - Lieutenant Kijé (film)
  • After receiving no substantive response from the normal chain of command, White seeks out Lieutenant General Bradley Elliot, commander of the top-secret Dreamland facility and former leader of the Old Dog mission.  - Night of the Hawk
  • Filmed in the slow months of December, January, and February the members of the PSB find they have little in the way of substantive police work.  - On the Beat (1995 film)
  • Bernard is worried that there would be a leak inquiry however he is reassured that such inquiries are only ever 'set up' and rarely conclude with anything substantive given that in most cases, most leaks do actually come from 10 Downing Street.  - The Bed of Nails (Yes Minister)
  • There was further gossip linking Mr Jones to the doctor's daughter, but there was nothing substantive there.  - The Thirteen Problems
  • Carol is then quite surprised and delighted as a child's toy ball, as real and substantive as anything, bounces out of the holographic chamber and lands in her hands.  - Her Pilgrim Soul
  • She gets a substantive and understandable review from the Pre-Socratics to Jean-Paul Sartre.  - Sophie's World

Example sentences for "substantive" in interesting articles

Meaning of "substantive" in English

  • defining rights and duties as opposed to giving the rules by which rights and duties are established
  • having a firm basis in reality and being therefore important, meaningful, or considerable
  • being on topic and prompting thought
  • any word or group of words functioning as a noun

Meaning of "substantive" in Hindi

  • संज्ञा ( Sangya, sangyaa)
  • नाम ( Nam, naam)
  • स्वाधीन ( Svadhin, svaadheen, swadhin)
  • अस्तित्व सूचक ( Astitv suchak, astitv soochak, astitw suchak)
  • सत्य ( Saty)
  • वास्तविक ( Vastavik, vaastavik, wastawik)
  • मूल ( Mul, mool)
  • मूलभूत ( Mulabhut, moolabhoot)
  • स्थायी ( Sthayi, sthaayee)
  • मौलिक ( Maulik)
  • विधिवत प्रस्तावित ( Vidhivat prastavit, vidhivat prastaavit, widhiwat prastawit)
  • सारभूत ( Sarabhut, saarabhoot)
  • तात्विक ( Tatvik, taatvik, tatwik)

Synonyms of "substantive"

  • essential
  • meaty
  • substantial

Antonyms of "substantive"

  • procedural
  • adjective

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