How to use "subsume" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "subsume" in popular movie and book plots

  • He sees her walking in the streets of Pompeii while the hot ashes of Vesuvius subsume the city in 79 AD.  - Gradiva (novel)
  • If his army cannot be kept under control, the Angels of Heaven have threatened to subsume Mephisto's kingdom.  - Ghost Rider (video game)

Example sentences for "subsume" in interesting articles

  • It would subsume records and elixir structs amongst other things.A few months ago you sent an email titled “New macro handling and compiled macros”.  - Interview with Robert Virding, Creator of Lisp Flavored Erlang
  • I can see how the Romans subsume Greek society, but that's not to say that it happens again. Figureitout • November 1, 2013 1:48 AM Keyboard commandos are one thing, revolutionary (from a practical and ideological perspective) will need to leave their leather captain's chairs to make a difference. name.withheld.for.obvious.reasons --I've come to a different conclusion, like \Daniel/ stated, politics is a slow, bureaucratic, very predictable process.  - The Battle for Power on the Internet
  • “We’re fine to subsume the brand to Facebook if it helps us get in front of more people.” Brady’s sanguine approach to the trade off between brand and reach touches a key source of anxiety for many.  - Social media's effect on journalism is greater than shift from print to digital

Meaning of "subsume" in English

  • consider (an instance of something) as part of a general rule or principle
  • contain or include

Meaning of "subsume" in Hindi

  • सम्मिलित करना ( Sammilit karana, sammilit karanaa)
  • नियम के अंतर्गत करना ( Niyam ke antargat karana, niyam ke antargat karanaa)
  • शामिल करना ( Shamil karana, shaamil karanaa)
  • सामान्य धारणा के रूप में मानना
  • सामान्य धारणा के रूप में मानना ( Samany dharana ke rup men manana, saamany dhaaranaa ke roop men mananaa)

Synonyms of "subsume"

  • colligate

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