How to use "sundry" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "sundry" in popular movie and book plots

  • Dad Fred, known to all and sundry as 'Spud' is a proud south London docker with a penchant for rackets, fiddles and schemes, hopefully 'nice and tasty' ones.  - Cradle to Grave
  • A young man from a far away village appears in County Mayo announcing to all and sundry that he has murdered his father with a blow to the head.  - The Playboy of the Western World (film)
  • Only the five best shamans remain: Teacher Park, the most famous "star fortune teller" who gets paid for performing exorcisms around the country; Monk Shim-in, who studied with him under the same master but is now telling sundry couple's fortunes around old Tabgol Park; Suk-hyun who has a doctorate in engineering and makes all kinds of demon-chasing equipment; a boy named Wol-kwang, who has the power to see into the near future; and Seung-hee who is skilled at tarot cards and can see the memories stored in all objects.  - Ghost Sweepers
  • This brings him into conflict with a host of other threats as well, including the half-demon witch Djuvula, the artistocratic were-panther Lemparius, the avaricious criminal Loganaro, and various and sundry monsters.  - Conan the Fearless
  • Ensuing celebration is amply enjoyed in a rain dance song by Kasinathan with all and sundry of his devoted satellites including characters Murugan (Jagadish), Vellapulli Mathachan (Jagathy Sreekumar), Tomi (Vijayakumar), Basheer (Salim Kumar) Pushpakumaran (Maniyanpilla Raju) etc.  - Thandavam
  • Together they set about the task of observing and investigating the sundry assortment of fellow lodgers, knowing that some are completely innocent while others harbour dark and treacherous secrets which threaten the very nation.  - Strange Boarders
  • Displaced from their homes, unwanted outsiders in their land of refuge, doing sundry small-time jobs, working in abject conditions as bonded laborers, some wait to return to their land, some simply give up, and some others like Damayanti and her brother, become rebels.  - Vasthuhara
  • The rest of the story mostly revolves around how Alicia wins over all and sundry with her agreeable character and willingness to meld and melt into Indian society.  - Bili Hendthi
  • Phantom Lake, a serene lake in Mukwonago, Wisconsin, has long been a dumping ground of various and sundry companies, looking to eliminate their waste products, including atomic waste.  - The Monster of Phantom Lake
  • The title read as follows: The Net of Gugamon — a grimoire: wherein is contained the proper rites for the Convocation of various Demonly Princes, the procurement of lesser spirits, together with sundry workings, conjurations, manifestations, symbols relating to all manner of Astral Phenomena and so on for several more pages, in the rather turgid style thought necessary for such books.  - Heavy on the Magick
  • Greypatch is infuriated at the incident and orders tripwires and other sundry traps to be set around the camp perimeter.  - Mariel of Redwall

Example sentences for "sundry" in interesting articles

  • Worse, she offered to ‘publish and sing’ the verse, calling Alice ‘whore’, and ‘using many other most despiteful, reproachful and scandalous words’. In fact, Joan and a group of her ‘confederates’, ‘did write and make sundry copies’ of the verse, and proceeded to ‘scatter and publish the same in diverse and sundry places and at many conventicles and meetings’ across the city of London and county of Middlesex.  - Sex, Whipping, and Pottage in Stepney
  • And all over the top and around the shop. My solution? Stop expecting language to facilitate sharing your innermost secrets with all and sundry ‘out there’.  - The Sexual Is Political

Meaning of "sundry" in English

  • consisting of a haphazard assortment of different kinds
    - assorted sizes
    - miscellaneous accessories
    - a mixed program of baroque and contemporary music
    - a motley crew
    - sundry sciences commonly known as social

Meaning of "sundry" in Hindi

  • विभिन्न ( Vibhinn, wibhinn)
  • अनेक ( Anek)
  • विविध ( Vividh, wiwidh)
  • विविध
  • फुटकर ( Phutakar, futakar)
  • नानाविध ( Nanavidh, nanaavidh, nanawidh)

Synonyms of "sundry"

  • motley
  • miscellaneous
  • assorted
  • mixed

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