How to use "supposition" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "supposition" in popular movie and book plots

  • The supposition is this is owed to the unusual high level of communication and sensitivity toward each people achieved on a regular basis.  - The Persistence of Vision (short story)
  • The story is based on the supposition of what would happen if the events of Flyable Heart took a different turn.  - Kimi no Nagori wa Shizuka ni Yurete
  • Perumthachan himself doubted this supposition and in one part of the film he smiles approvingly when his son suggests to him that perhaps the made up story about his Brahmanical antecedents was a ruse by the uppercastes to lay claim to some of his ability and prestige.  - Perumthachan (film)
  • With each subsequent killing, alternate possibilities as to the motive for their deaths are offered; Eric believes that Marsh never left the island and brought the couples there to kill them, a supposition that is granted some support when Marsh is later seen on the island.  - The Slayer (film)
  • Through Felt, Miller presents the supposition that monogamy is an unnatural and unattainable state imposed on men by rigid but unnecessary social convention.  - The Ride Down Mt. Morgan

Example sentences for "supposition" in interesting articles

  • AnonyMouse says: August 22, 2010 at 9:45 pm My supposition on the legality of the procurement of the devices is (perhaps unfairly) based on the desire for anonymity on the part of the source as well as the researchers refusal to disclose the same.  - Indian Electronic Voting Researcher Arrested
  • For it's own good The only flaw in your supposition is that leaders have some benevolent agenda.  - Global warming caused by chlorofluorocarbons, not carbon dioxide, new study says
  • If you start with a supposition and then look for supporting facts (or repeat the contentions of others), you’re not being intellectually honest. dianeravitch says: March 9, 2014 at 4:12 pm JPR, the Boston charter school study included only charters with waiting lists.  - How to Analyze False Claims about Charter Schools
  • Ad tech combined with the supposition that someone can know more about what I want than I do – has led to this house of cards which is collapsing.  - Advertising cannot maintain the Internet
  • Still, it's worrisome that we still have zero communications from non-state actors about any of these attacks -- which tends to back up the supposition that it's a state actor doing this. Mark Stafford • September 14, 2016 1:07 PM Deliberately proactive... So here's an interesting little snippet.  - Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet – Schneier on Security
  • (More on this in a moment.) Larry is in the vanguard of what some call the “quantified life,” which envisions replacing the guesswork and supposition presently guiding individual health decisions with specific guidance tailored to the particular details of each person’s body.  - The Measured Man
  • In today’s vocabulary, we’d say that he invented the “stored-program” architecture that underlies most modern computers: Before Turing, the general supposition was that in dealing with such machines the three categories — machine, program, and data — were entirely separate entities.  - Aristotle's influence on computational thought

Meaning of "supposition" in English

  • the cognitive process of supposing
  • a hypothesis that is taken for granted
  • a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence

Meaning of "supposition" in Hindi

  • कल्पना करना ( Kalpana karana, kalpanaa karanaa)
  • अनुमान ( Anuman)
  • कल्पना ( Kalpana, kalpanaa)
  • भावना ( Bhavana, bhaavanaa, bhawana)
  • अटकल ( Atakal)
  • मानना ( Manana, mananaa)
  • परिकल्पना

Synonyms of "supposition"

  • surmisal
  • speculation
  • supposal
  • assumption
  • surmise
  • guess
  • conjecture
  • hypothesis

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