How to use "tacit" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "tacit" in popular movie and book plots

  • Sensing Tony's tacit approval Andes arrests Ray and brings him to a remote camper in the woods where his ex-wife Ingrid is staying, unbeknownst to Andes.  - Tony and Susan
  • Because of the now deep ties between the Howard and Quayle families Anna and Russell are able to spend more time together and fall in love though there is a tacit understanding between them that their relationship can not be expressed.  - In Certain Circles
  • Wilde has tacit government permission to flee the country to avoid arrest, trial, and imprisonment, but the childish Bosie insists that he stay and defend their honour.  - The Judas Kiss (play)
  • When it is discovered that Alick is missing, the Manx people begin to riot, attributing Bessie's escape to him under the tacit blessing of the authorities.  - The Master of Man
  • He uses a stopover in Tangiers to work on his next composition, Scheherazade (which is actually a symphonic suite but in the film is a ballet), with the tacit support of his captain.  - Song of Scheherazade
  • Their affair has the tacit blessings of Viswanathan.  - Oru Ponnu Oru Paiyan
  • However, Vakkachchan's youngest daughter Gladys, who had been a junior to Vakeelamma when the latter was a practicing lawyer, is now herself a lawyer and with the tacit approval of her father, stands by the Kurishuveettil family in all lawsuits.  - Pothan Vava
  • When it seems that all is lost, Kira kills Aeolia, with the tacit approval of Aeolia's Chief of Security, Yatek Morah, who as it turns out, is really in the employ of the aliens.  - Charon: A Dragon at the Gate
  • Jakub (Juraj Nvota), a dreamy mail carrier in a sleepy village, spends his days playing pranks on everyone, resenting his father (Anton Trón) with his mother's (Hana Slivková) tacit support, and admiring Jolana (Iva Bittová) from the neighboring Romani hamlet — until Jolana responds.  - Rosy Dreams
  • Expecting Medraut's tacit approval of the poisoning, Morgause is unhappily surprised when Medraut protects Lleu and reveals Morgause's treachery to Artos.  - The Winter Prince
  • After the death of the rich, lonely museum curator in Seattle, Alex's boss Bruce (Terry O'Quinn) gives her tacit permission to hunt down the killer, and Alex goes undercover as "Jessie Bates" to track down Catherine and identify her next potential victim.  - Black Widow (1987 film)
  • He is chagrined that the new Lakshmi is no longer his doting, traditional wife: she is still affectionate, but has now learned the notions of space and tacit distance.  - Mitr, My Friend
  • His personal life is just as duplicitous: to outsiders he is happily married but is in fact a compulsive adulterer with his wife Florence's "don't ask – don't tell" tacit approval, one aspect of the titular "arrangement".  - The Arrangement (novel)
  • The narrator and Emily somewhat enjoy each other's company, and seem to form a tacit arrangement of tolerance between them.  - Memoirs of a Survivor
  • The mural's survival is a tacit argument that religious belief is often based on mythological accretions, which may not be valid interpretations of decisive events in the history of that faith.  - Deus Irae
  • The resulting gunfight, in which Bullen is killed, proves to be the clincher that the prison board needs (acting with the tacit approval of the governor) to fire Brubaker.  - Brubaker
  • With the tacit approval of the United Kingdom's government, the hired soldiers are transported to Swaziland to be equipped and physically trained.  - The Wild Geese
  • She seems to sense the purpose of the protagonists and decides to help them in their efforts, establishing a tacit agreement and remaining with them until the death of all four.  - La Grande Bouffe
  • During a fishing vacation to Trelawney in an unidentified country, mr Robinson (his first name is never given) receives word that the Movement, a protest group with the tacit approval of the government, is planning a General Strike.  - Visa for Avalon
  • They will not interfere with the corrupt imperial monarchy of the Isher government, on the grounds that men always have a government of the type they deserve: no government, however bad, exists without at least the tacit consent of the governed.  - The Weapon Shops of Isher
  • Gradually John Lang learns that his tacit mission as American consul is to do whatever is necessary to increase American trade opportunities in Islandia.  - Islandia (novel)
  • The political situation is tense with the Boxers having the tacit approval of the Dowager Empress (Flora Robson).  - 55 Days at Peking
  • Christine's uncle, who reveals a tacit respect for Dixon's individuality and attitude towards pretension, offers Dixon the coveted assistant job in London, that pays much better than his lecturing position.  - Lucky Jim
  • In tacit agreement Grace is expected to continue her chores, which she does gladly, and is even paid small wages which she saves up to purchase a set of seven expensive porcelain figurines, one at a time, from Ma Ginger's shop.  - Dogville
  • The hero, Nick Haflinger, is a runaway from Tarnover, a government program intended to find, educate and indoctrinate highly gifted children to further the interests of the state in a future where quantitative analysis backed by the tacit threat of coercion has replaced overt military and economic power as the deciding factor in international competition.  - The Shockwave Rider

Example sentences for "tacit" in interesting articles

  • And even when I do, there seems to be a tacit agreement among residents to not talk to one another.  - The Shut-In Economy
  • Sure, you won’t understand every tacit lesson their experience gave them, but you can incorporate many of them, and in a fraction of the time it would take you to make every mistake yourself.Ideas are high leverage agents.  - The Secret Power of ‘Read It Later’ Apps
  • Other than the fact that he’s a law school grad, why think there is any tacit motive to this? He’s been quiet about it for 10 years, it seems just as likely that now he’s said his piece (and probably answered a few follow-up interviews) he’ll resume his life.  - 10 years later, ‘Star Wars Kid’ speaks out
  • The Chinese executive had allegedly cracked a knowing smile and nodded, which the DuPont executive had taken as a tacit admission.  - Corn Wars
  • It’s a tacit admission that Mark Zuckberg’s policy of shoot first, ask questions later, of always pushing the boundaries of personal privacy, doesn’t apply to all markets.  - Facebook Just Bowed Out of the Check In War With Foursquare
  • Participation is not just tacit support; tuition is, literally, material support for people who hate you.  - The Yale Problem Begins in High School
  • The tacit approach for our particular genre is that we soft sub, we sub well, we sub fast, and even the parent companies have used our subs - in return they leave us the hell alone.[ reply to this | link to this | view in chronology ] Anonymous Coward, 21 Dec 2010 @ 10:50am Re: Re: Re:Sure, but just because they go after them doesn't make them illegal.  - Homeland Security Proves It Knows Little About The Internet - Or The Law
  • Shirky said.He added that the United States could expose itself to charges of hypocrisy if the State Department maintained its support, tacit or otherwise, for autocratic governments running countries like Saudi Arabia or Bahrain while deploying technology that was likely to undermine them. Advertisement Continue reading the main story Shadow Cellphone SystemIn February 2009, Richard C.  - U.S. Underwrites Internet Detour Around Censors

Meaning of "tacit" in English

  • implied by or inferred from actions or statements
    - a tacit agreement
    - the understood provisos of a custody agreement

Meaning of "tacit" in Hindi

  • मौन ( Maun)
  • चुप ( Chup)
  • मानसी ( Manasi, manasee)
  • निःशब्द ( Nihshabd)
  • अनुक्त ( Anukt)
  • मूक ( Muk, mook)
  • सूचित ( Suchit, soochit)
  • अनकहा ( Anakaha, anakahaa)
  • गर्भित ( Garbhit)
  • ध्वनित ( Dhvanit, dhwanit)
  • उपलक्षित ( Upalakshit)
  • अन्तर्हित ( Antarhit)

Synonyms of "tacit"

  • implied
  • understood
  • silent

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