How to use "tenet" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "tenet" in popular movie and book plots

  • Muralali informs Avusadaya (Ananda Wijesinghe), a tenet farmer who works on Arachchila's land, of the Paddy Lands Act passed through Parliament in Colombo; this new law would force landowners to share the excess land with the landless.  - Suddilage Kathaawa
  • Later that night, Isaac holds a sermon in the church based on the tenet of "be fruitful and multiply" and proclaims that the time of fertilization has come.  - Children of the Corn (2009 film)
  • : This tale describes the experience of cosmic consciousness, a focal point of the New Age, or Golden Age movement, and the central tenet of Tibetan buddhism.  - The Golden Book of Springfield
  • Throughout the following night, he searches desperately for some philosophy, some tenet of some religion that will assure him that he and Lyndall will one day be reunited.  - The Story of an African Farm
  • The delusion described above is similar to the philosophical tenet known as solipsism, the principal difference being that the protagonist in the short story acknowledged that he was not the only entity in existence.  - They (Heinlein)

Example sentences for "tenet" in interesting articles

  • It erodes the most essential tenet of liberalism: due process.Portrait of Sir William Blackstone (via National Portrait Gallery / Wikimedia commons)Due process, or the idea that a governing body must respect all legal rights of an individual, is granted to Americans by the 5th and 14th Amendments.  - Social Justice Bullies: The Authoritarianism of Millennial Social Justice
  • The agreement could eventually lead to higher charges for Internet users.Such an agreement could overthrow a once-sacred tenet of Internet policy known as net neutrality, in which no form of content is favored over another.  - Google and Verizon in Talks on Selling Internet Priority
  • Back in 2001, when Fitzpatrick open sourced the code for LiveJournal, giving anyone the power to run the blogging tool on their own computer servers. This is a fundamental tenet of the Indie Web movement: You should always have the option of running a web service on machines that belong to you.  - Meet the Hackers Who Want to Jailbreak the Internet
  • For example, a key tenet of classic counterinsurgency theory is that troops should live in small outposts among the local people, to better understand them and to deter the enemy from controlling them.  - General Failure: How the American military rewards failure at the highest ranks
  • The second aspect is a distribution of resources according to people's abilities rather than according to people's needs.That first tenet of capitalism, I think, is beautiful, and I wouldn't let go of it.  - Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy
  • The basic tenet of this culture of achievement is that he who goes further in school will go further in life.  - The Case Against Credentialism (1985)
  • Unconscious bias, revealed.The idea that everyone holds biases and that there is nothing wrong with having them is a core tenet of the training.  - Why Is Silicon Valley So Awful to Women?
  • But by overloading marriage with more demands than any one individual can possibly meet, we unduly strain it, and have fewer emotional systems to fall back on if the marriage falters.” Some even believe that the pair bond, far from strengthening communities (which is both the prevailing view of social science and a central tenet of social conservatism), weakens them, the idea being that a married couple becomes too consumed with its own tiny nation of two to pay much heed to anyone else.  - All the Single Ladies

Meaning of "tenet" in English

  • a religious doctrine that is proclaimed as true without proof

Meaning of "tenet" in Hindi

  • मत ( Mat)
  • रीति ( Riti, reeti)
  • तत्व ( Tatv, tatw)
  • सिद्धांत
  • धर्म ( Dharm)
  • सिद्धांत ( Siddhant, siddhaant)
  • नीति ( Niti, neeti)
  • विश्वास ( Vishvas, vishvaas, wishwas)
  • नियम ( Niyam)

Synonyms of "tenet"

  • dogma

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