How to use "theocracy" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "theocracy" in popular movie and book plots

  • The four major city-states in Eorzea feature a wide variety of climates and biomes: the forest nation of Gridania is surrounded by a dense thicket called the Black Shroud; Ul'dah is a sultanate with a predilection for commerce situated in the Thanalan Desert; the thalassocracy of Limsa Lominsa finds its home in La Noscea on the island of Vylbrand; and Ishgard is a theocracy built in the snowy mountains of Coerthas.  - Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • A centuries long war between humans and vampires has devastated the planet's surface and led to a theocracy under an organization called The Church.  - Priest (2011 film)
  • O'Casey then elaborates upon the political conditions among the main polity, the Krath, and points out that is a highly regimented theocracy that is slavery based.  - March to the Stars
  • A ravening horde of barbarians from the East, the Mosul Empire, in unholy alliance with the Teutons and the Mameluke warlords led by the brutal theocracy of the Zhaithan, has subjugated the Land of the Franks and the Hispanic Peninsula.  - Kindling (Mick Farren novel)
  • Earth sends secret agent Sam Tallon to Emm Luther to infiltrate the theocracy and extract the coordinates of the "null-space" (hyperspace) jump points of a newly discovered colonizable world, a closely guarded secret.  - Night Walk (novel)
  • In this world's Russian Empire, a much more stable and democratic nation than the real Russia has ever been, Bastable encounters a terrorist group which seeks to overthrow the Russian government and install a theocracy led by the religious fanatic Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili.  - A Nomad of the Time Streams
  • Set in the Antarctic region of the planet Krishna, "Calories" focuses on a long pursuit of two Earthmen, Cuthwin ("Dinky") Singer and Earl Okagamut, by a numerous and well-equipped cohort of fanatical soldiers from the Krishnan theocracy of Nichnyamadze.  - Calories (story)
  • The civil and military authorities concentrated on creating a global theocracy (reminiscent of the Catholic Church) dedicated to the suppression of technological advancement and to the maintenance of the quarantine system.  - Heirs of Empire
  • Following a religious revolution and the revival of Russian orthodoxy, Russia is now an expansionist theocracy known as the Holy Russian Empire.  - World War Z
  • A brilliant but evil scientist named "The Reverend" has created a powerful theocracy based on the idea of a rapidly approaching apocalypse.  - Apocalypse (video game)
  • There is also a subplot involving the government of Kingdom, as one of the more powerful figures among the Kingdomites takes advantage of the distraction caused by the extensive combat to overthrow the theocracy and establish a fascist-style government.  - Kingdom's Fury
  • He assembled an army to overthrow the Roman Empire, and established a theocracy that has lasted until the twentieth century.  - The Last Starship from Earth

Meaning of "theocracy" in English

  • the belief in government by divine guidance
  • a political unit governed by a deity (or by officials thought to be divinely guided)

Meaning of "theocracy" in Hindi

  • धर्मतन्त्र ( Dharmatantr)
  • ईश्वर कर्तृत्व राज्य ( Ishvar kartritv rajy, eeshvar kartritv raajy, ishwar kartritw razy)
  • धर्मतन्त्र
  • ईश्वरानुभूती ( Ishvaranubhuti, eeshvaranubhootee, ishwaranubhuti)
  • ध्यानावस्था में ईश्वर के साथ एक भाव ( Dhyanavastha men ishvar ke sath ek bhav, dhyanaavasthaa men eeshvar ke saath ek bhaav, dhyanawastha men ishwar ke sath ek bhaw)
  • समाधि ( Samadhi, samaadhi)

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