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Example sentences for "tirade" in popular movie and book plots

  • Ariffien is furious with Fatmah, though she accepts his tirade with a smile before apologizing and leaving.  - Pahit-Pahit Manis
  • Peter, drinking and smoking, relishing in the good fortune of having the house to himself for the very first time begins a tirade of phone calls to Edward's answering machine.  - Nightingale (film)
  • When Mrs O'Flaherty discovers that her son gave Teresa a valuable gold watch, she launches into a tirade and the two women berate each other mercilessly.  - O'Flaherty V.C.
  • Unfortunately, Dennis refuses to let her go and confronts her at her work; Dennis' tirade costs Eleanor her job.  - Like Sunday, Like Rain
  • Instead of acquiescing to family practice, he bursts into an escalating tirade of rudeness against the singers figure of his Great Aunt Maria (Grazia Spadaro).  - Dracula in the Provinces
  • Peter refuses to give up and goes into a tirade about life events that went on while sitting at his booth like his children being conceived in the booth, when he was in the booth when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded, when he was in the booth when 9/11 happened, and was in the booth when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States.  - Herpe the Love Sore
  • She is picked up by a man (William Mapother) who begins to go on a misogynistic tirade against women and his wife who cheated on him.  - Dark Cousin
  • Enraged, Curtis knocks Dewart to the floor, overturns a table and unleashes a frightening verbal tirade upon everyone present.  - Take Shelter
  • Mavis insults her, and in a profanity-laced tirade tearfully reveals she became pregnant with Buddy's baby years ago, but had a miscarriage after three months.  - Young Adult (film)
  • This disagreement culminates in the homeowners' association meeting with Lynette going into a tirade about just how masculine Tom really is in an exaggerated and patronizing way.  - Pleasant Little Kingdom
  • And when these three youths Jai, Shiv, Shankar joins hands and launch a tirade against evil, the murky world of sin, tyranny and oppression shudders, and the society looks up to the new awakening.  - Jai Shiv Shankar
  • Quagmire responds with an angry tirade detailing everything about Brian he finds reprehensible, at the end of which he calls Brian "a big, sad, alcoholic bore".  - Jerome Is the New Black
  • At dinner, Randy explains to Stan that the economy is failing due to people spending their money on luxuries, and ironically, he continues his tirade while making himself a margarita in a Margaritaville-brand mixer, the noise of which drowns out his voice for part of the tirade.  - Margaritaville (South Park)
  • The show is about Apara’s tirade against society and her three children’s suffering in the light of the fact that they are separated from her safety.  - Dhoop Mein Thandi Chaav...Maa
  • The film ends with this scene overlaid with John Cavil's fourth-season tirade lamenting his human-like body and desiring to be more like a machine so that he could "see gamma rays, hear x-rays, smell dark matter.  - Battlestar Galactica: The Plan
  • March launches into a tirade against people who treat bats like pests, but his daughter and assistant, Francine, calms him down and introduces Bruce to her husband, Kirk Langstrom.  - On Leather Wings
  • Due to financial trouble, the motel may have to be closed, but Elliot pleads with the local bank not to foreclose on the mortgage and Sonia delivers a tirade about her struggles as a Russian refugee.  - Taking Woodstock
  • He cannot resist intruding when she kicks the new "Mike Chadway" imitator off the air and goes into a tirade about what cowardly weaklings men are.  - The Ugly Truth
  • Angry, she begins a whole tirade against him trying to find out if he really loved her or not.  - My Best Girl (1927 film)
  • Adama insists he heard enough from the Chief and tells him to end his outburst, but Tyrol turns his tirade against Adama himself and the Galactica.  - Escape Velocity (Battlestar Galactica)
  • Meanwhile, an extended tirade by House causes Cole to punch him, and he loses the bet to Cameron.  - Guardian Angels (House)
  • He then goes on a tirade about “finding your voice” and opening old wounds.  - Grin and Bear It (Ugly Betty)
  • Malcolm renews his tirade against Dennis.  - Command Decision (film)
  • In a moment of honesty, Francisco finds himself in a misanthropic tirade about the "worms" down below.  - Él (film)
  • Eddie's angry tirade is soothed by sax player Hilton Overstreet's cool demeanor and Rick's fast talking.  - Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!
  • The minister emerges and continues his tirade against unbelievers, inveighing against Satan and his attempts to demolish the new English Israel while the people listen in admiration.  - Merry Mount (opera)
  • That evening, Hill delivers a tirade against the organized crime in the city during a local television broadcast.  - The North Avenue Irregulars
  • Almost immediately, the chief of the department, Doctor Toratarō Shima, goes on a nonsensical tirade and jumps through a window, nearly killing himself.  - Paprika (2006 film)
  • During the whole fight and computer deal, Ward gets into a discussion with June about the way their sons are, about the whole bike deal, and if maybe he should admit to overreacting some and should go up and apologize for his tirade that the bike matter leads towards.  - Leave It to Beaver (film)
  • The people in the court go into an uproar, to which Judge White launches into a tirade that they have no right to act self-righteous and smarmy, or that they are above Sherman, considering Reverend Bacon (John Hancock) claims to help disadvantaged New Yorkers but actually engages in race baiting, or that the District Attorney Weiss pushed this case not in the interest of justice but in the interest of appealing to minority voters to further his political career by appealing to their desire to "get even".  - The Bonfire of the Vanities (film)
  • Berating herself for letting Basil oversee the arrangements, Sybil hurls the cash box across the room at Basil and goes into a furious tirade about several recent times he has hired O'Reilly to do jobs with shoddy, disastrous results ("You got him in to change a washer in November, and we didn't have any running water for two weeks.  - The Builders
  • George mistakenly thinks that his white spot has been diagnosed as cancer and goes on a tirade at NBC, only to discover that he misunderstood the diagnosis.  - The Pilot (Seinfeld)
  • Satie is enraged, and launches into a hysterical tirade condemning Picard as a traitor.  - The Drumhead
  • Pip reveals that he doesn't even like the house, which prompts another tirade in Walker.  - Three Days of Rain
  • Secondly, the village's voice of authority, the lord of the manor Sir Arthur Clarington, is represented as untrustworthy, and Mother Sawyer utters a lengthy tirade indicting his lechery (he has previously had an affair with Winnifride, which she now repents) and general corruption, a charge which the play as a whole supports.  - The Witch of Edmonton
  • In response, a furious Angel launches a tirade against Buffy, reminding her that, while it's great that she has moved on, he himself cannot and has no one to share his pain, climaxing when he informs Buffy that they lead their own separate lives now and that she has no right to just show up with her "great new life" and tell him how to do things before harshly ordering her to go back to Sunnydale.  - Sanctuary (Angel)
  • Kenny continues to go on a tirade before getting snapped back by Johari who had enough of his antics.  - Army Daze
  • Hardy storms back in, still in a tirade about the way Lord Paddington treated him and stops only when he realizes that Stan is now back to his old self.  - A Chump at Oxford
  • Eloise embarks on a tirade against men, and Lew in particular, who lacks, she feels, the traits most lovable in Walt – “humor” and “intelligence”.  - Uncle Wiggily in Connecticut
  • He ends his tirade by ripping the roll from the piano.  - A Piano in the House
  • However Peter notices that Woods has become obsessive with their friendship enough that Woods goes into a tirade at Peter for missing 5 minutes of a dinner.  - Peter's Got Woods
  • Selma sends the Simpsons a tape of their honeymoon, including Bob's tirade over the absence of a gas fireplace in their hotel room.  - Black Widower
  • Krusty holds a press conference to announce his retirement and in short order launches into a bitter tirade against modern-day comedians.  - The Last Temptation of Krust
  • "), and the next he unleashes an angry tirade about the disgust he feels toward "organics".  - Revulsion (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • Eldrad emerges in his true masculine form, however, then commences a tirade against King Rokon upon seeing hologram of him.  - The Hand of Fear
  • In fear, Brell retreats, but accidentally touches live wires he has exposed in his tirade and dies from being electrocuted.  - No Holds Barred (1989 film)
  • When Raziel begins to criticize him, Kain simply launches a tirade against him before noting what has become of the empire and engaging him in combat.  - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
  • On an edition of Kent Brockman's talk show Smartline, Burns is allowed an opening tirade and he threatens dire events if the strike is not concluded.  - Last Exit to Springfield
  • At the trial in February 1679 of the prisoners Henry Berry, Robert Green, and Lawrence Hill, accused of the murder of Sir Edmund Berry Godfrey, Scroggs gave a characteristic exhibition of his methods, indulging in a tirade against the Roman Catholic religion, and loudly proclaiming his belief in the guilt of the accused.  - William Scroggs
  • Angered and humiliated, George launches into a vulgar tirade against everyone else on the boat, ending by crudely mocking Marty's dead father.  - Mean Creek
  • This prompts Clark to snap and go into a tirade about Frank, and out of anger, requests that he be delivered to the house so Clark can insult him to his face.  - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
  • Yet their pleas are wasted on Jason who delivers his final tirade to his family as he dies.  - The Masks
  • When the Major learns a group of German guests are coming to the hotel, he launches into an angry tirade against Germans.  - The Germans
  • He goes into a tirade that draws the attention of the police.  - Love and Anarchy
  • Apparently delighted by the disorder, the new orator launches into a frenzied tirade against Russia, shouting with all his might and gesticulating with his fist.  - Demons (Dostoyevsky novel)
  • In his monologue, Alexander first recounts how he and Adelaide found this lovely house near the sea by accident, and how they fell in love with the house and surroundings, but then enters a bitter tirade against the state of modern man.  - The Sacrifice
  • He launches unexpectedly into a tirade against Catholicism, claiming that it preaches the Antichrist and in its quest for political supremacy has given birth to Atheism.  - The Idiot
  • Angered, he launches into a furious tirade against Rupert, telling him that his act is mediocre and that he's a lunatic who'll never amount to anything.  - The King of Comedy (1983 film)
  • After a tirade about art, Laurence suffers a fatal heart attack.  - Abigail's Party
  • Lawler and an injured Kaufman appear on NBC's Late Night with David Letterman, theoretically to call a truce, but Lawler insults Kaufman, who throws a drink at the wrestler and spews a vicious tirade of epithets.  - Man on the Moon (film)
  • When Beale discovers that Communications Corporation of America (CCA), the conglomerate that owns UBS, will be bought out by an even larger Saudi Arabian conglomerate, he launches an on-screen tirade against the deal, encouraging viewers to send telegrams to the White House telling them, "I want the CCA deal stopped now.  - Network (film)
  • Bobby's strong sense of alienation, his deadlocked situation with Pauline, and Tony's broken promise to call him earlier that day—all culminate in a suicidal tirade about Tony's lack of caring before Bobby slips and falls to his death in the water below them.  - Saturday Night Fever

Example sentences for "tirade" in interesting articles

Meaning of "tirade" in English

  • a speech of violent denunciation

Meaning of "tirade" in Hindi

  • निंदा ( Ninda, nindaa)
  • आक्षेप ( Aakshep)
  • निंदात्मक बातें या निंदात्मक प्रबन्ध ( Nindatmak baten ya nindatmak prabandh, nindaatmak baaten yaa nindaatmak prabandh)
  • निंदात्मक बातें या निंदात्मक प्रबन्ध
  • कड़ी निंदा ( Kadi ninda, kadee nindaa)

Synonyms of "tirade"

  • philippic
  • broadside

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