How to use "torpor" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "torpor" in popular movie and book plots

  • In the absence of Benedict, Immaculate Conception, the mother of Joan, torpor of takes advantage of the imminent death of Orestes to give him the last rites.  - Between Miracles
  • She soon pursues a relationship with Anwar and then marries him, seeing it as a practical and viable alternative after years of torpor with Elwan.  - The Day the Leader was Killed
  • The novel covers at length his solo life in the mountain, and in his cave, which is treated much more briefly in the film, and in the novel he becomes accustomed to living almost in a torpor with no other beings around.  - Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (film)
  • She is a free spirit who appears to be mentally unbalanced and who is slowly being suffocated by domestic torpor and encroaching age.  - Blue Sky (film)

Meaning of "torpor" in English

  • inactivity resulting from lethargy and lack of vigor or energy
  • a state of motor and mental inactivity with a partial suspension of sensibility

Meaning of "torpor" in Hindi

  • अकर्मण्यता ( Akarmanyata, akarmanyataa)
  • ठिठुराहट ( Thithurahat)
  • मन्दता ( Mandata, mandataa)
  • तंद्रा
  • सुस्ती ( Susti, sustee)
  • तंद्रा ( Tandra, tandraa)

Synonyms of "torpor"

  • listlessness
  • torpidness
  • torpidity

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