How to use "total" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "total" in popular movie and book plots

  • Having spent a total of 936 years in the sewers, he returns using a zimmer frame (walker) and is easily outpaced by the slow moving Daleks.  - Doctor Who: The Curse of Fatal Death
  • The first part (about a quarter of the book's total length) is strictly a history of the city of Branton Hills and John Gadsby's place in it.  - Gadsby (novel)
  • Only during such a total "melt" can the Rational "impregnate" the Parental, with the Emotional providing the energy.  - The Gods Themselves
  • They find a total ban on all liquids, but enter easily as the CTX and weapons were already planted in the stadium beforehand.  - Shiri (film)
  • The first strike on Klendathu is a total disaster, with hundreds of thousands of casualties.  - Starship Troopers (film)
  • However, Polly consistently demonstrates a total lack of interest in the London season and all of the men she meets.  - Love in a Cold Climate
  • It later emerged that some 200,000 more votes were cast than the total number of registered voters.  - Hugo Banzer
  • In the final scene of the episode, mr Bevis is shown finishing his fifth shot of whiskey, and he pays his total tab of $500 with one bill.  - Mr. Bevis
  • For the first time in his life, he sees raindrops in daytime—nature’s affirmation that the era of slavery and total control is finally over.  - This Perfect Day
  • As demons work toward the opposite end, the total happiness on Earth must remain in balance.  - Oh My Goddess!
  • It is "a love letter to Hitler" written in total sincerity by deranged ex-Nazi Franz Liebkind (Kenneth Mars).  - The Producers (1968 film)
  • The end will be painless but swift—shortly after experiencing total blindness, Judith will die.  - Dark Victory
  • The total population is about three million, with men outnumbering women two to one, so that polyandry is the norm.  - The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
  • During the game, the player can have a total of five, or fewer, characters in the party at any given time.  - Final Fantasy IV
  • Bob assumes total control over Leland's body and confesses to a series of murders, before forcing Leland to commit suicide.  - Twin Peaks
  • Their leader demands that the human race surrender, or face total annihilation.  - Destroy All Monsters

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