How to use "transient" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "transient" in popular movie and book plots

  • After his family is murdered in an unsolved case, Decker loses his will to live, and becomes a transient while working as a private investigator.  - Memory Man (Baldacci novel)
  • His father is a petty criminal and a con man, and their family lives a transient life because of his deals, currently staying in Thailand.  - The Full Sun
  • His father has previously taken home 10 girlfriends, and Jae-soo is used to the comings and goings of such transient mother figures.  - Eleventh Mom
  • At Thendara, Jeram takes shelter in a transient camp.  - The Alton Gift
  • When he goes to the deactivated Candy android, he finds her inactive form being raped by an apparent transient (Dean Tedesco).  - Android Re-Enactment
  • After some time, a transient bulldog is walking by as the kitten's grandmother puts a pie in the window sill to cool.  - Scotty Finds a Home
  • Sam (Michael Hutchence) and Tim (Nique Needles) are the key members of a band called Dogs in Space, and share a house with a variety of social misfits, including Sam's girlfriend Anna (Saskia Post), a university student called Luchio (Tony Helou) and a transient and apparently nameless teenager known only as The Girl (Deanna Bond).  - Dogs in Space
  • A sojourning transient for most of his adult life, Casey reveals that he has now put down roots by declining Bentley's offer on the basis of not wanting to leave Burbank.  - Chuck Versus the Masquerade
  • In the restless world of the night shift at a highway diner, Francine's life consists of casual encounters and transient friendships.  - The Off Hours
  • The boomtown population is highly transient and it's not unusual for people to go missing.  - Naked Fear
  • We meet Teresa (Paola Tiziana Cruciani), Don Pietro’s no-nonsense housekeeper; Gioacchino (Ignazio Oliva), a professor, former pupil, and good friend of Don Pietro's; and Oscar (Max Mazzotta), a transient visitor.  - La buona battaglia – Don Pietro Pappagallo
  • Doggett believes that the transient was murdered by Mulder.  - The Gift (The X-Files)
  • The story follows the transient lives of four people at the margins of Chinese society.  - Suzhou River (film)
  • Finally she sees the truth about her own life and her innate connection with every human being, apprehending the transient nature of her material life.  - The Fever (2004 film)
  • The Doctor and Charley return to Manchester and discover its complicated link to transient aliens.  - The Raincloud Man
  • Eventually Kinsey and Dietz resume their relationship, albeit on a transient basis, and Dietz helps her with the case.  - "M" Is for Malice
  • A transient approaches his family, asking for food in exchange for work.  - The Hobo Code
  • He meets Hutch, a transient who advises Fry to wear a tin foil hat to keep others' thoughts out of his head.  - Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder
  • She suffers from a lack of blood to the brain which temporarily paralyzed her ability to make decisions or exercise free will ("aboulia," says Foreman, as "part of a […] transient ischemic attack").  - House Training
  • He is flustered by women's priorities and avoids commitment, much preferring transient physical relationships.  - The War Between Men and Women
  • The American wife then has a (rather one-sided) conversation with her husband about the things she wants with her life, particularly how she wants to settle down (as opposed to the transient vacation life the couple has in the story): “I want to eat at a table with my own silver and I want candles.  - Cat in the Rain
  • He asks her at last for the dance he won in the raffle, and once the transient moment ends, he urges to take a chance on life ("Final Dance").  - Steel Pier (musical)
  • Luckily, Barnaby meets Robert Pierce, a transient freelance writer who is in between jobs and looking for some excitement.  - Easy Go
  • The family arrives at the first transient migrant campground for workers and finds the camp is crowded with other starving, jobless and desperate travelers.  - The Grapes of Wrath (film)
  • Just as Ben arrives with his friend, Howard Presley (Holmes Herbert), Hank is killed by a transient oil worker who has designs on Bingo.  - Untamed (1929 film)
  • The two brothers have transient ill will between them, and they become estranged when confronted with a beautiful woman, Lilith (Anne Brochet).  - Dust (2001 film)
  • The other transient is a young blonde woman whose face and curvaceous figure attracts male attention.  - The Wayward Bus
  • His father quits his teaching job, buys a motorcycle, as well as becomes a perpetual drunk, while his brother takes off to live as a transient doper.  - Nearing Grace
  • An elderly transient discovers, within the sphere, a slime mold-like substance (the Blob) that attaches itself to his hand.  - The Blob (1988 film)
  • This book is the story of a cowboy, Jack Burns, who lives as a transient worker and roaming ranch hand much as the cowboys of old did, and refuses to join modern society.  - The Brave Cowboy
  • A homeless transient asks to use the restroom, and when a partying couple arrives, she asks the man to check on the bum.  - Body Bags (film)
  • Undaunted, the two fugitives catch a ride on a freight train only to be assaulted by a transient crack addict.  - Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby
  • Given the recent drop in the underground transient population, the creatures have resorted to coming to the surface through sewer manholes in order to feed.  - C.H.U.D.
  • He is suffering from transient global amnesia, remembering nothing about himself and his current situation, although recalling random episodes from his remote past.  - Facing Windows
  • On board the Chimaera, Pellaeon confirms that there are 112 transient warships available at the Sluis Van shipyards.  - Heir to the Empire
  • In the final scene Carol (Woodward) is seen walking in the remains of the burnt out emporium while another transient looks about and discovers Val's snakeskin jacket.  - Orpheus Descending
  • Lacking FTL technology, this is accomplished by taking advantage of transient but predictable, naturally occurring wormholes.  - Space: Above and Beyond
  • The story concludes with an air of tragedy and hope, as the relationship between Brant and Mirissa and Loren concludes; the transient nature and ultimate futility of their love revealed.  - The Songs of Distant Earth

Example sentences for "transient" in interesting articles

  • If […] the failed operation is retried, the operation will usually not fail the second time.” In the face of transient bugs, we can increase the availability of the system by adding retrying.  - Lessons learned writing highly available code
  • “Visitors who stay in transient residential occupancies are not familiar with the layout of the building, including the exit stairwells,” Thomas Jensen, chief of fire safety for the FDNY, explained in an affidavit.  - Living and Dying on Airbnb
  • Reselecting is always possible, but this is unnecessary work and unnecessary code (particularly for the transient enter, update, and exit selections returned by the data-join).D3 4.0 removes the magic of transition.each; it now shares the implementation of selection.each.  - What Makes Software Good?
  • "It also indicates a transient weakening of Earth's magnetic shield, and may hold clues for a better understanding of future superstorms that could cripple modern technological infrastructure on Earth, and endanger the lives of the astronauts in space." The magnetosphere acts as the Earth's first line of defense against the continuous flow of solar and galactic cosmic rays, protecting Earth's life forms from high-intensity energetic radiations.  - India’s Telescope Detects Crack in the Earth’s Magnetic Shield
  • Special enforcement officers from the city showed up while he was gone, and the landlord received five violations for running afoul of rules related to illegal transient hotels.  - A Warning for Airbnb Hosts
  • As the Allo team tested those replies, they decided the performance boost from permanently stored messages was worth giving up privacy benefits of transient storage. The decision will also have significant consequences for law enforcement access to Allo messages.  - Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature
  • The fact is that the inherent complexity and transient nature of the Internet make it difficult for even competent people to deliver justice in a timely manner.  - Homeland Security Proves It Knows Little About The Internet - Or The Law
  • But as a general rule of thumb across many types of therapy, patients tend to split pretty evenly among those who see long-term improvement, those who see only transient benefits, and those who see no improvement at all.  - Surviving Anxiety
  • Public colleges in particular rely on adjuncts.Much of these issues have been widely reported on, but what’s often missing from coverage is the impact that this shift is having on students.It’s unclear whether the transient status and low salaries for adjuncts results in a lower-quality classroom instruction.  - The Cost of an Adjunct

Meaning of "transient" in English

  • of a mental act; causing effects outside the mind
  • lasting a very short time
    - a passing fancy
    - youth's transient beauty
    - love is transitory but it is eternal
    - fugacious blossoms
  • (physics) a short-lived oscillation in a system caused by a sudden change of voltage or current or load
  • one who stays for only a short time

Meaning of "transient" in Hindi

  • अनित्य ( Anity)
  • चलायमान ( Chalayaman, chalaayaman)
  • अस्थायी ( Asthayi, asthaayee)
  • क्षणभंगुर ( Kshanabhangur)
  • अल्पकालिक ( Alpakalik, alpakaalik)
  • परिवर्तनशील ( Parivartanashil, parivartanasheel, pariwartanashil)
  • अल्पस्थायी

Synonyms of "transient"

  • transitory
  • short lived
  • ephemeral
  • fugacious
  • transeunt
  • passing

Antonyms of "transient"

  • subjective
  • immanent

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