How to use "undulating" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "undulating" in popular movie and book plots

  • Soon after the wedding, Muniyandi brings his wife, Shivkami (Smita Patil) from the brown, barren landscape of Tamil Nadu to the green, undulating meadows of the farm.  - Chidambaram (film)
  • Rux's novel is written beautifully in a neo-1970s hipster style, and his writing is so effective because the attitudes, values, and mores that these artists abide by is subtly woven into his narrative and washes over us in undulating waves, constantly reminding the reader that art is indeed a state of being in many respects and not simply something that one does or is defined by the places or the conditions where one lives.  - Asphalt (novel)
  • The movie appears to be depicting Kodagu (Coorg) as inferred by the frequently portrayed undulating hills, and typical Kodava dresses.  - Edakallu Guddada Mele
  • Lady Bracknell, in undulating purple silk Victorian attire, inquires as to Jack’s pedigree.  - The Importance of Being Earnest (1952 film)
  • Volney has a demon problem of his own, as his home by the Kiss-Me River has become unbearably infested with bugs ever since the demons decided to straighten out the river's undulating curves.  - Vale of the Vole

Example sentences for "undulating" in interesting articles

  • However, sometimes you want more elaborate sequences that go through several caution when staging animations! Read Animated Transitions in Statistical Data Graphics by Heer & Robertson.)Sometimes, you might even want to repeat a sequence indefinitely, as in this toy example of circles undulating back and has no dedicated method for infinite transition sequences, but you can create a new transition when an old one ends by listening to transition start or end events.  - What Makes Software Good?
  • This is because the opah swims by quickly flapping its pectoral fins, rather than undulating its body like many other fish do, to propel itself through the water — a process that generates high heat.  - Scientists have discovered a warm-blooded fish
  • Giant horse sculptures stand in the shadow of buildings that look like falling dominoes, while the Ordos Museum, an undulating copper orb designed by the architecture firm MAD, glints bizarrely over empty streets.A scene from a pageant in the desert oasis city of Dunhuang (Maria Kompf)Our pageant was hosted in the Ordos Grand Theater, which borders the Mongolian plains.  - Life as a Fake Beauty Queen in Small-Town China
  • They certainly do, but Dabiri saw that their undulating bells also create huge areas of low pressure in front of them.  - A Jellyfish-Obsessed Engineer Upended Our Understanding of Swimming
  • As they marched a couple hundred yards into the desert, the ranger kept his distance, spying through a telephoto lens, but in the shrubs and the brown undulating hills, he lost his view.  - Busting Cactus Smugglers in the American West

Meaning of "undulating" in English

  • having a wavy margin and rippled surface
  • increase and decrease in volume or pitch, as if in waves
  • move in a wavy pattern or with a rising and falling motion
    - the waves rolled towards the beach
  • stir up (water) so as to form ripples
  • occur in soft rounded shapes

Meaning of "undulating" in Hindi

  • लहरदार

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