How to use "untenable" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "untenable" in popular movie and book plots

  • He also notes its cost: $20,000, which would be untenable if not for a $50,000 check that Ehtisham, his business partner, says he has in hand.  - The Familiar, Volume 1: One Rainy Day in May
  • This placed the hostile deities in an untenable position, especially as they represented cosmic forces that must be kept separate.  - The Ship of Ishtar
  • In the ensuing argument, Ben decries their arrangement as untenable in the long term and humiliates Missy.  - Friends with Kids
  • This set-up proves most untenable when Terry finds out that Donna is Jeff's longtime mistress.  - Circle of Deceit
  • While Ronica's headstrong younger daughter Althea sails on the mad liveship Paragon in hopes of retrieving the family liveship, Vivacia, from the would-be pirate king Kennit, the other Vestrits find themselves in equally untenable positions.  - Ship of Destiny
  • This plan proves to be untenable and Sir Hugh is left scrambling to find a permanent "scholar" to place under Orkborne's tutelage, not wanting to offend the academic by dismissing him so soon after dragging him all the way out to Cleves.  - Camilla (Burney novel)
  • Up to this point, William Guy and his men had lived fairly comfortably on Tsalal, which was now their own, but after the quake found their position untenable and made a desperate attempt in the boat to escape north.  - An Antarctic Mystery
  • Maria's family life became untenable when her mother died and her father took the housekeeper as his mistress.  - Maria: or, The Wrongs of Woman
  • Tisiphone spends her time infiltrating and cracking the military computer systems, plotting their escape - the Cadre clearly intends to hold onto Alicia until the anomalies are explained to their satisfaction; an untenable restraint on Alicia's seeking of revenge.  - Path of the Fury
  • While Dahak has known for thousands of years where Anu's forces have bunkered up—under the South Pole in Antarctica—their base is protected by extremely strong force fields, force fields so strong that to penetrate them and destroy the base would require Dahak's heavy weaponry, which would inevitably kill a significant percentage of the human population of Earth; an untenable action, to say the least.  - Mutineers' Moon
  • With the help of an artificial sentience named Gea, he discovers that a potential release of all such frozen greenhouse gasses could destabilise the environment enough to make the Earth untenable for human habitation, in a repeat of the Permian extinction.  - Transcendent (novel)
  • Worf is forced to remove the Dahar master from duty, but blames himself for placing Kor in an untenable situation.  - Once More unto the Breach (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Example sentences for "untenable" in interesting articles

  • This last bit about auto updating makes it untenable for an extension as large as RES.  - What Apple Gives You for $100 as a Safari Extension Developer
  • This process can delay starting vaccination campaigns, which would be an untenable situation in emergency settings, or grossly limit who you’re able to reach with the vaccine.Donations can also undermine long-term efforts to increase access to affordable vaccines and medicines.  - Why we rejected Pfizer’s donation offer of pneumonia vaccines
  • might as something of an untenable bluff.  - Why Europe Is Warning of Pax Americana's End
  • This puts the Internet Archive in the untenable position of having to choose between protecting the historical record for future generations, and protecting its own legal interests. A notice and staydown system would do far more harm than good, making Swiss cheese of the historical record and censoring legitimate speech with overly aggressive algorithms.  - The Internet Archive Pushes Back on “Notice and Staydown”
  • And if he is, he doesn’t care. Share Avinash 3 years Nice thought, i really like it Share thaddy 3 years I want my money back from the foundation. This is the beginning of the end for net-neutrality. Although I fully understand why this happens, it is philosophically an untenable position. 1984 by George Orwell, Adolf Hitler, all animals are equal but some are more equal then others. Share Andy 3 years @Paulo: It doesn’t widen the divide, no.  - Wikipedia Zero and Net Neutrality: Protecting the Internet as a Public Space
  • Pictures taken with the Glass camera were usually deemed "creepy." The Consumer Watchdog's Privacy Project called it "one of the most privacy invasive devices ever."Google Glass's camera created an untenable situation on both sides of the device.  - How the Camera Doomed Google Glass
  • By Andrew Fowler and Wayne Harley. On Assange, government defiant in face of reality | | 24 Jul 2012 - The government's insistence on ignoring the Obama administration's investigation of Julian Assange is becoming increasingly untenable as public evidence mounts of a grand jury and a continuing campaign by the US government against him.  - Sex, Lies and Julian Assange
  • How interesting is the work at big companies? Joel claimed that large companies don’t solve interesting problems and that Google is paying untenable salaries to kids with more ultimate frisbee experience than Python, whose main job will be to play foosball in the googleplex, Sam Altman said something similar (but much more measured) about Microsoft, every third Michael O.  - Big Company vs. Startup Work and Compensation
  • Interestingly enough, in line with the chart, we have had numerous requests to add Canadian hospitals to the list due to an untenable situation that currently exists over there.  - The US health care wait times myth
  • But these expensive systems are completely inappropriate for the water-stressed megacities of South Asia, and they are becoming even more untenable as the population grows, water resources are depleted, and global warming threatens to exacerbate water shortages in some regions. Ironically, sewage pollution of South Asia’s rivers has worsened as increased affluence and population growth have led to wider use of flush toilets.  - How No-Flush Toilets Can Help Make a Healthier World
  • In an open society, where freedom of thought and speech are sacrosanct, a right to be forgotten is as untenable as a right to be remembered.  - The Manipulators: Facebook's Social Engineering Project

Meaning of "untenable" in English

  • (of theories etc) incapable of being defended or justified

Meaning of "untenable" in Hindi

  • अपुष्ट ( Apusht)
  • न ठहरने वाला ( N thaharane vala, na thaharane vaalaa, n thaharane wala)
  • अधिकार में न आने योग्य ( Adhikar men n aane yogy, adhikaar men na ane yogy)
  • असमर्थनीय

Synonyms of "untenable"

  • indefensible

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