How to use "untoward" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "untoward" in popular movie and book plots

  • The twist in the tale arises when an untoward incident changes the entire family’s life upside down.  - Tommy (2015 film)
  • It was a noble effort by Kannan to have raised an awareness and caution to incorporate safety standards inorder to avoid any untoward incident that may harm the labourers' lives and lifestyle through this film.  - Oru Oorla Rendu Raja
  • Subsequently many untoward incidents takes place with lot of twist & turn.  - Kizhakke Varum Paattu
  • During the fundraiser, Rex and Brody talk privately, where Rex - who has noticed the untoward interest several guests have about Brody's time in captivity - discloses that he served in Vietnam, and compliments Brody on not 'breaking' while in captivity.  - The Clearing (Homeland)
  • As the time passes the day of full moon arrives again, warned by the gardener and family doctor all are asked to stay vigilant to face any untoward incident.  - Poonam Ki Raat
  • While in hospital, Khader informs his brother that they are shifting to Trivandrum the next day to prevet any untoward incidents further.  - Thattathin Marayathu
  • dr Whale (David Anders) asks Emma if the child has eaten anything or if anything untoward has happened.  - A Land Without Magic
  • von Ragostein's associates attempt to buy her off but she remains convinced something untoward is going on.  - The Great Impersonation (1935 film)
  • While they spend the night in the cabin, nothing untoward happens, with the two simply spending the time talking and getting to know each other.  - The Delightful Rogue
  • This allows him to prevent Anwar from perpetuating precisely the same crime for which he had been jailed as history repeats itself because, so the film alleges, men are constantly threatened by women and only paternal wisdom can save them from the untoward desires of women.  - Khandan (1942 film)
  • Eventually, Avery realizes that there is nothing untoward about Jack's friendship with Liz and reunites the pair, saying that they both need the relationship.  - Gentleman's Intermission
  • He tries to find comfort with a friend, Mavis Pruitt, thus setting off rumors of an untoward relationship.  - The Dark at the Top of the Stairs
  • The competition supervisor notices something untoward occurred and tells Novica to report the person he'd helped without penalty to himself.  - Skinning (film)
  • When she goes to have dinner at his apartment, an alarmed Helene goes to track her down to prevent anything untoward from occurring.  - Bachelor Apartment
  • But while they reach the mandir and camp there, many untoward events happen and many of their friends are ruthlessly killed by the shaitaan.  - Shaitani Ilaaka
  • Gloria's mother believes Francisco to be a decent man (he is portrayed as an upstanding member of the community), and even their Pastor (Father Velasco) admonishes Gloria for her untoward behavior with other men, and vouches for her husband (while revealing, to Gloria's astonishment, that Francisco had maintained his virginity up until their marriage).  - Él (film)
  • Trottman appears and makes the case to the General that nothing untoward has happened.  - The Disappearance of Flight 412
  • As might be expected, the accident-prone Ivy and Billy have numerous mishaps, and hardly a funeral goes by without something untoward occurring.  - In Loving Memory (TV series)
  • When the general tries to replicate Bond's maneuvers, nothing untoward happens.  - Toward the Unknown
  • Padma, however, one day, confesses to Deva that the situation is becoming unbearable and that men (from the slum, including from Deva's own gang) with dishonourable intentions are concocting frivolous reasons to make untoward advances towards her.  - Thalapathi
  • After reading up on falcons, she trains the animal and becomes obsessed with caring for it as she believes that something untoward has happened to its parents.  - Lost and Delirious
  • Since Gulfam likes Ajay, he sees to it that nothing untoward happens to him.  - Sarfarosh
  • The plot revolves around how much information the narrator will divulge to Driffield's second wife and Kear, who ostensibly wants a "complete" picture of the famous author, but who routinely glosses over the untoward stories that might upset Driffield's surviving wife.  - Cakes and Ale
  • Willoughby Smith seems to have nothing untoward in his background, and not an enemy in the world.  - The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez
  • After an argument with Ellen, Clark eventually meets the Ferrari-driving blonde beauty at a hotel and goes skinny-dipping with her in its pool, but they are discovered by the family before anything untoward can transpire.  - National Lampoon's Vacation
  • Later, David walks in on Natalie serving tea and biscuits to the president, and it appears that something untoward is happening.  - Love Actually

Example sentences for "untoward" in interesting articles

Meaning of "untoward" in English

  • contrary to your interests or welfare
    - made a place for themselves under the most untoward conditions
  • not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society
    - indecorous behavior
    - language unbecoming to a lady
    - unseemly to use profanity
    - moved to curb their untoward ribaldry

Meaning of "untoward" in Hindi

  • विमुख ( Vimukh, wimukh)
  • हठी ( Hathi, hathee)
  • कठिन ( Kathin)
  • कष्टकारक
  • प्रतिकूल ( Pratikul, pratikool)
  • अनुपयुक्त ( Anupayukt)
  • अशुभ ( Ashubh)

Synonyms of "untoward"

  • inauspicious
  • indecorous
  • harmful
  • uncomely
  • adverse
  • unseemly
  • indecent
  • unbecoming

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