How to use "vacuous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "vacuous" in popular movie and book plots

  • Sam goes through the only door in the room and finds herself in a vacuous room – on one side extending to infinite black and the other with spools feeding into a typing machine.  - The Frame (2014 film)
  • She is admired by Valentine's friend Zack Thorpe, a high-spirited but vacuous young man somewhat resembling Allan Armadale in the novel of that name.  - Hide and Seek (Collins novel)
  • After he and his wife Alice (Yvette Mimieux) attend a vacuous party, they go home and George reassesses his life.  - The Picasso Summer
  • He is then set up on a dinner date with a vacuous woman named Shannon.  - Despicable Me 2
  • The book then picks up an older but still vacuous Gideon, now a Professor of Rhetoric at Kinnikinick College, when he finally meets the girl of his dreams; young coed Peony Jackson of Faribault, Minnesota.  - Gideon Planish
  • The story begins on an ordinary day in Chad Roe's life, including his vacuous wife and constant supply of anxiety medication.  - Can't Get No
  • Joan Prescott (Joan Crawford) is a vacuous and flirtatious daughter of the wealthy Montana rancher, John Prescott (Lloyd Ingraham).  - Montana Moon
  • She lives with her vacuous musician boyfriend (Mark Pellegrino), who leaves her just about as dissatisfied as any other part of her life, and has a loose definition of the word "fidelity".  - Ellie Parker
  • Jane Helier, the beautiful but somewhat vacuous actress, is the last to tell a story.  - The Thirteen Problems
  • And Maddy (Kudrow) is a vacuous soap opera actress who has always struggled for her own identity.  - Hanging Up
  • a schoolboy) and a vacuous Helen of Troy (accompanied by her plain-looking friend, Daphne).  - Old Harry's Game
  • Soon disillusioned with Miles and the vacuous London jet set, Diana flirts with the Catholic Church again.  - Darling (1965 film)

Example sentences for "vacuous" in interesting articles

Meaning of "vacuous" in English

  • void of expression
  • devoid of matter
  • devoid of significance or point
    - a hollow victory
    - vacuous comments
  • devoid of intelligence

Meaning of "vacuous" in Hindi

  • शून्य ( Shuny, shoony)
  • खाली ( Khali, khaalee)
  • खोखला ( Khokhala, khokhalaa)
  • भावशून्य ( Bhavashuny, bhaavashoony, bhawashuny)

Synonyms of "vacuous"

  • mindless
  • inane
  • empty
  • blank
  • asinine
  • fatuous
  • hollow

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