How to use "venal" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "venal" in popular movie and book plots

  • Worse, Somaiya, some times later, falls, in his turn, in the claws of a couple of swindlers, venal Nalini (Rajasree) and fatal Ranga (R.  - Thaikku Thalaimagan
  • While he is waging war on the Persian frontier, to please Theodora Antonina entraps Justinian's venal finance minister in a treasonous plot.  - Antonina: A Byzantine Slut
  • After her convalescence she goes to Rome, where she becomes the personal physician to the Pope, Sergius, a weak man easily led by his venal brother Benedict.  - Pope Joan (novel)
  • Colton (John Lund), and Chiricahua Apache chief Cochise (Jeff Chandler) are threatened by the arrival of venal government agent Baylor (Bruce Cowling) and his equally dishonest scout Mescal Jack (Jack Elam).  - The Battle at Apache Pass
  • His story involves lovestruck shepherds, shipwrecked princesses, corrupt and venal lawyers, and violent whores.  - The Poor Man's Comfort
  • To assist him, d'Orléans enlists the aid of an atheistic and venal priest named Guillaume Dubois, who is as much of a libertine as Philippe, and unfortunately does not care for anyone except himself.  - Let Joy Reign Supreme
  • In a venal system, this lands him in trouble often.  - Kireedam (2007 film)
  • Dheeran runs into the evil axis of politico and police web as represented by the corrupt Minister Shanmuga Vadivelu (Mukesh Tiwari) and a venal cop Alankaram (Seema Biswas).  - Thalaimagan
  • The Drome was set up with the best - or at least the most blatantly venal - of intentions.  - The Worst Thing in the World
  • The incident forces him to take on the system of venal officials and politics.  - Vathiyar
  • Shiva is out to make a statement against the venal forces.  - Aalwar
  • After Amélia's fiancé, João Eduardo, publishes an exposé of the local clergy's venal habits in the town's newspaper under a pseudonym, Amaro and his colleagues and parishioners expose João Eduardo as the author of the piece, pressure Amélia to break off the engagement, and drive João Eduardo out of town.  - O Crime do Padre Amaro
  • When the idealistic and naive Moonshadow is orphaned at approximately age 15, he becomes friends with a venal and opportunistic furry humanoid named Ira.  - Moonshadow (comics)
  • Demosthenes- Athenian political orator, diplomat, and soldier, portrayed as arrogant, selfish, and venal (The strongly negative portrayal of Demosthenes in the novel has been one of the main criticisms leveled against it).  - Fire from Heaven
  • On the way, they see the funeral procession for the emperor, in which a crew of venal characters mourn the loss of the perpetual Saturnalia of the previous reign.  - Apocolocyntosis
  • Once installed as president, the venal and illiterate Bobi will sign over the mineral rights to the Crystal Mountain to Bormac Trading for a nominal price but a large bribe for himself.  - The Dogs of War (novel)
  • (He is separated from his venal wife and her children — of whom he is only legally, not biologically, the father.  - Pendennis
  • As the bodies pile up, so does Archer’s confusion, but he remains undeterred by the situation, relying on his well-honed instinct for deviant behavior and the venal intentions of others.  - The Way Some People Die
  • Trygaeus apologizes to Peace on behalf of his countrymen, he updates her on the latest theatre gossip (Sophocles is now as venal as Simonides and Cratinus died in a drunken apoplexy) and then he leaves her to enjoy her freedom while he sets off again for Athens, taking Harvest and Festival back with him—Harvest because she is now his betrothed, Festival because she is to be female entertainment for the Boule or Council.  - Peace (play)
  • Smiley recalls that Leipzig had often blackmailed a venal Soviet agent named Oleg Kirov to obtain information, and surmises that Kirov is probably the other man in the photograph.  - Smiley's People
  • The other main human character is Thomas Quentin Crimp (Jimmy Mulville), an execrable type with few (or no) morals, held out by Satan as an example of all that is detestable about humanity and often described (especially by God himself) as the most venal and corrupt human being who ever lived.  - Old Harry's Game

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Meaning of "venal" in English

  • capable of being corrupted
    - dishonest politicians
    - a purchasable senator
    - a venal police officer

Meaning of "venal" in Hindi

  • लाभ या धन का अर्थी ( Labh ya dhan ka arthi, laabh yaa dhan kaa arthee)
  • धनभेदा ( Dhanabheda, dhanabhedaa)
  • बिक्री के लिये ( Bikri ke liye, bikree ke liye)
  • रग संबंधी ( Rag sanbandhi, rag sanbandhee)
  • नाडी संबंधी ( Nadi sanbandhi, naadee sanbandhee)
  • बिकाऊ ( Bikau, bikaaoo)
  • रिश्वत से प्रभावित ( Rishvat se prabhavit, rishvat se prabhaavit, rishwat se prabhawit)

Synonyms of "venal"

  • dishonest
  • bribable
  • purchasable
  • corruptible

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