How to use "visage" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "visage" in popular movie and book plots

  • In death, Johnson is tormented by the ethereal visage of his long deceased uncle Willy, who habitually tortured and raped Johnson in his youth.  - The Wake of Dick Johnson (2016 film)
  • Observing that "this woman is certainly not the only creature with a human visage to have coupled with an animal", Pu Songling writes in an "Appended Judgement", "(The wife) was a yaksha-demon in bed, a bitch on heat".  - The Fornicating Dog
  • A kid has been exposed to gamma radiation, gained a monstrous visage and some super-strength, and has started wrecking the street and calling himself "Teen Abomination" (who resembles a teenage version of Abomination).  - AXIS (comics)
  • The cans marked with his smiling visage are then transported by truck, ship, and camel overseas to reach the hungry troops.  - The Chow Hound
  • Alan various problems overflow and he briefly sees a visage of his infirmed father before confronting Mat.  - The Mend (film)
  • A door opens, revealing the demonic visage of Belial (from Painkiller: Overdose).  - Painkiller: Hell & Damnation
  • Finding himself transported to the underwater wreckage of the Photosphere, Zeikfred is met by a deformed visage of Mother, who devours him.  - Wild Arms
  • Faraday decides to fight Palm City's corruption and clear his name by adopting the visage of his son's favorite comic book hero, The Cape.  - The Cape (2011 TV series)
  • Rogers confronts Schmidt, who removes a mask to reveal a red, skull-like visage that earned him the sobriquet "the Red Skull".  - Captain America: The First Avenger
  • At Daniel's going away party, Kafka is stripped, painted with silver body paint and calligraphy, and given white wings to wear (a visage which is seen at the beginning of the film).  - Amphetamine (film)
  • Morbius abruptly finds himself in Hell and facing the gas-masked entity, who reveals himself to be a visage of Elizabeth's unborn son.  - Necromentia
  • While looking up at his face from under the water, she sees the visage of an old woman above her.  - Buried Alive (2007 film)
  • Upon Ouros' release, the three heroes learn he was the one who was using Tassadar's visage to guide them and that in order to maintain the Infinite Cycle, a fellow Xel'Naga has to kill Amon.  - StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
  • He still has his face angled away, but he finally turns to her, showing a shocked Beth his vampire visage and telling her what he is.  - Out of the Past (Moonlight)
  • The film gained wide acclaim and some shock from screening audiences at the Atlanta Film Festival as they reacted to the startling visage of Jamaican-American promoter Andrew Ballen speaking fluent Chinese on the Shanghai leg of the tour.  - No Sleep til Shanghai
  • Red Bamboo is led by Bakin (Ob Boontid), who was trained in hypnotism by Rasputin and is able to kill his intended targets by beaming his thoughts and visage through red ceramic Buddha statues, which are being delivered to various Thai officials.  - Golden Eagle (film)
  • Yoon-hee removes the mask, revealing the faceless girl's gruesome visage properly for the first time.  - Cinderella (2006 film)
  • Percy chooses to let Mordred kill him, thus ensuring that his legacy remains clean, and is rewarded by becoming the new visage of Gwyn ap Nudd.  - Mystic Arcana
  • She bemoans her tragic fate and her plain visage in the longest speech of the play.  - Gallathea
  • They come to a great barrier to Lloth's domain in the shape of a huge visage of a female face.  - Condemnation (novel)
  • To this end, she has enlisted the aid of a Filipino club owner whose visage turns monstrous when he is stalking his prey.  - Blood Thirst
  • After a time of at least several months he has gained impressive fighting abilities, but while sparring, his enemy flashes with the visage of the Emperor in his mind, and he almost kills his partner.  - Shaolin Temple (1982 film)
  • With the dynamite detonated and the rubble falling on it, a monstrous demonic visage appears in the smoke and fire of the explosion, shocking the deputies.  - The Car
  • As the ground splits open, Kawai, for a moment, glimpses a monstrous, inhuman visage peering through the fissure, and an unearthly glow, before it is obscured by collapsing wreckage.  - Frankenstein Conquers the World
  • The failure further sours the relationship between Linx and Irongron, which has deteriorated since the robot knight fiasco and the point at which the robber saw the Sontaran’s true visage beneath his helmet.  - The Time Warrior
  • Raj, now the king, recognizes the visage as Maya's in one of Jai's sculptures.  - Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love
  • A young woman goes on stage and removes her entire face, which is really a mask, and turns around to reveal a truly hideous visage revealing herself to be the Grand High Witch.  - The Witches (novel)
  • Lydia cradles Melanie in the backseat, where the camera captures a child-like look of gratitude on Melanie's face as she gazes up into the now-maternal visage of Mitch's mother Lydia.  - The Birds (film)
  • Kevin is hesitant to join until the visage of a menacing head – the Supreme Being – appears behind them, demanding the return of the map.  - Time Bandits

Example sentences for "visage" in interesting articles

  • “Circles are for the right people,” he continued, referring to Google Circles, a way of organizing social contacts, shamelessly copied from Facebook’s long-ignored Lists feature.Vic’s mere visage had an almost Emmanuel Goldstein-esque quality, and many were the rips and the gibes that he suffered in internal groups, a socially mediated Two-Minute Hate, whenever someone posted a link to some pro-Google bloviation of his.  - How Mark Zuckerberg Led Facebook’s War on Google Plus
  • If we can arrest the aging process, at what age would we choose to be for life? Would we necessarily want to be 'adult' at 30, or 25? Would being an adult command the respect it once did, if the people you worked for or chose as leaders were 70yo with the visage of adolescents? I think most people would choose to be adolescent, and would eventually choose to discard those troublesome reproductive systems which cause the species so much anguish, as we become able to outsource the process.  - Root molecular cause of declining health in the old found by scientists

Meaning of "visage" in English

  • the appearance conveyed by a person's face
    - a stern visage
  • the human face (`kisser' and `smiler' and `mug' are informal terms for `face' and `phiz' is British)

Meaning of "visage" in Hindi

  • छवि ( Chhavi, chhawi)
  • मुख ( Mukh)
  • चेहरा ( Chehara, cheharaa)

Synonyms of "visage"

  • physiognomy
  • kisser
  • smiler
  • phiz
  • mug
  • countenance

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