How to use "viscous" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "viscous" in popular movie and book plots

  • People worship The White Horses (making horses sacred animals) and the only source of nourishment is "paste" (tasteless viscous liquid delivered from waterpipe-like sinks).  - Jacky in Women's Kingdom
  • However on higher floors, Shinsu increases in power and concentration, and is said to be viscous and flow, similar to water.  - Tower of God
  • A warning begins to sound, and the scientist steps back to stand in front of a large observation window, which looks into a dark tiled and dirty room, in the center of which stands a large bath, filled with black viscous liquid.  - Eel Girl
  • The camera cuts to a wide shot, revealing that the female companion is not clothed except for trousers and a tie; she presents Victor with a whip, which she begins to coat with a viscous substance followed by a white, granular powder.  - The Orchid Gardener
  • Holding Danny down, he vomits a black, viscous fluid into Danny's mouth before collapsing.  - Zombie Honeymoon
  • They discover a viscous substance left behind by the killer that the Doctor identifies as morphic residue.  - The Unicorn and the Wasp
  • The crew sent in to explore the ghost ship find the mutilated remains of the former crew gathered in one place, and they soon discover the reason why: when disturbed, the green eggs explode, spraying a viscous liquid over everything.  - Contamination (film)
  • The man on the motorcycle continues to track the demon he's after, dismounting to examine more closely a viscous yellow fluid he finds on the corner of a building.  - Parting Gifts
  • With the clues initially appointing to a viscous creature (A Human), D-Tritus dives himself in a conspiracy as he's contacted and guided by Deep Throat, a strange robot who seems to have more information than D-Tritus or others.  - Scrapland
  • They succeed in cutting off the lid, which allows a viscous alien liquid to pour out.  - Alien Hunter
  • A dark, viscous liquid begins trickling out of the freezer, coating the fridge door with streaks of what appears to be blood.  - The Machinist
  • This turns into a viscous cycle, almost like a time loop, until ForgetMeNot realizes that he was brought here to trick the Yellow Eye spybots (which look like tiny gnats) into allowing himself to be tracked, place a reverse tracking beacon on one and then the drone will forget him immediately and not self-destruct.  - X-Force

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Meaning of "viscous" in English

  • having the sticky properties of an adhesive
  • having a relatively high resistance to flow

Meaning of "viscous" in Hindi

  • चिपचिपा ( Chipachipa, chipachipaa)

Synonyms of "viscous"

  • gummy
  • viscid
  • glutinous
  • mucilaginous
  • pasty
  • sticky
  • gluey
  • syrupy

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