How to use "wistful" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "wistful" in popular movie and book plots

  • The town's patriarch, Gil Denton, a no nonsense, wealthy landowner dying from cancer, loves these six kids, and in his remaining time with them he serves as a sounding board, dependable guide, and sympathetic friend - while providing them a wistful link to a past they will never know.  - Windsor (film)
  • As Beth burns the midnight oil night after night and attempts to convince her young son Jake (Dominic Scott Kay) never to have faith in fantasies, the wistful young man pens a letter to Santa asking for a new dad for the holidays.  - Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus
  • The two Bills take James to the top of the cliff, which leads to an ironic and wistful conclusion.  - Turning Green
  • Betty walks back into her place with a wistful look in her eyes.  - The Manhattan Project (Ugly Betty)
  • In these lines, Acis pursues Galatea with a different approach than his wistful cycloptic rival.  - La Fábula de Polifemo y Galatea
  • After small talk with a laborer, some clambering on a scaffold, and a wistful glimpse of an indoor swimming pool, Qassem lies down for a brief nap in the shade.  - The Traveler (1974 film)
  • Lily (Loren Horsley), a shy, wistful girl, is a songwriter when no one is listening.  - Eagle vs Shark
  • Justin's song starts on a wistful note, but as it progresses it becomes more energetic and positive thanks to the arrival of the Hungry March Band.  - Shortbus
  • Now Hubička and the other railwaymen are indeed laughing — to express their joy at the blow to the Nazi occupiers — and it is left to a wistful Máša to pick up Miloš's uniform cap, hurled across the station by the power of the blast.  - Closely Watched Trains
  • During her stay in Yamagata, she finds herself increasingly nostalgic and wistful for her childhood self, while simultaneously wrestling with adult issues of career and love.  - Only Yesterday (1991 film)
  • The last meeting for them is a wistful coda on New York's Upper West Side, when they have both moved on to someone new.  - Annie Hall

Example sentences for "wistful" in interesting articles

  • Kids played dodgeball, Red Rover, Kill the Carrier and Crack the Whip, arguably unsafe games leading to shoulder dislocations, concussions and blows to the solar plexus. Those kinds of games are now mostly relegated to wistful memories, as is cops and robbers given bans on guns in schools, even those made with a finger. Growing societal worries about safety led to many risky games being banned, while playground equipment shifted from metal to plastic, the asphalt under the structures replaced by recycled rubber.  - How should our kids play at recess? Alameda schools offer lessons
  • She sounds almost wistful as she considers the absence of such solicitations.  - Why volunteering at your kid's school does not make her smarter
  • television these days, with wistful looks in our direction.  - Why the British Are Better at Satire
  • What happens if I dial this number? What happens if I play this tone?' They were simply curious." Related Story The Definitive Story of Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Phone Phreaking Few capture this sense of wistful curiosity better than 'Captain Crunch'.  - Whatever Happened to the Phone Phreaks?

Meaning of "wistful" in English

  • showing pensive sadness

Meaning of "wistful" in Hindi

  • उदास ( Udas, udaas)
  • चिन्तित ( Chintit)
  • इच्छुक ( Echchhuk)
  • विषादग्रस्त ( Vishadagrast, vishaadagrast, wishadagrast)

Synonyms of "wistful"

  • pensive

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