Essential Words For The Bank PO Exam Part 8

Improve vocabulary bank po


Noun. Something that makes someone feel better after they are disappointed

Ice cream after getting second division in the exams was a consolation of him.”

  • Remember how in competition there was a consolation prize, for those who didn’t get the first position, but at least it is better than nothing? Exactly.


Verb. To trick or fool someone

“My mother deluded me into eating spinach by making paranthes with spinach so that I eat them.”

  • The low fat packed food are actually deluding you into believing they are healthy.


Adjective. the quality that stands out among many

The infinity display and retina security are some of the salient feature of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.”

  • Every phone, car, laptop and almost everything you buy has some salient features. Always read the salient features before buying them.


Adjective. lacking brilliance or vitality

The gold necklace become lackluster after wearing it so many times.’

  • Luster means shine and brightness, and lack means an absence of something. So adding both of them makes lackluster=lacking shine.


Verb. Someone who dominates others

Elder siblings always hector younger ones to do their work for them.”

  • Hector comes from a Greek mythological hero. Hector is someone who is a bully to others.


Noun. Stubbornly refuse to change one’s opinion or action

That teacher was known for her obduracy to take tests every week.”

  • The word obduracy comes from the Latin word obdurare, meaning to be hard like a stone.


Adjective. inflicting punishment

Students faced punitive action from the principal, after they did a mass bunk for a whole day.”

  • Easiest way to remember the word punitive, is that, it appears to be similar to the word punish and means the same. So, punitive=punishing.


Noun. Main character in a work of fiction

Raj and Simran are the protagonists of Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.”

  • The protagonist is the main hero or heroine in a movie or a book. For example, the film Queen is named after its protagonist, Rani.


Noun. Inequality or difference in some respect

Despite all the benefits, the Green Revolution led to a sharp disparity between rich and poor farmers in the country.”

  • Disparity exists in many different ways, in caste, economic status, gender, income. It is important to remove such disparities.


Adjective. infection that can easily spread

Conjunctivitis is a contagious disease that gets transferred from the infected eye to a healthy eye.”

  • Diseases like chicken pox, viral fever are examples of contagious diseases. Other contagious things are sneezing, yawning and laziness, if you see someone doing those things.


Noun. The action of describing or portraying something precisely

“The artist made a beautiful delineation of the scenery in front of him.”

  • Not just painting and maps, but if you see a good movie and told its summary to your friends and convinced them to watch it, then you can make good delineations!


Adjective. including all or everything

Education nowadays has become more comprehensive for an all-round growth of students.”

  • For instance, if you take a car insurance that covers a broad range, offering protection against most risks and damage, then your insurance is comprehensive.


Adjective. having a sense of refinement and style

People from South Delhi are considered to be quite sophisticated and stylish.”

  • Have you seen Maya Sarabhai from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai? She  is the living definition of sophistication. Check out the new season!


Adjective. something that is harmful

The doctors had to do an operation to remove the malignant tumor from the body.”

  • Remember the word benign, we learnt in the last articles? Malignant is just the evil twin sister of benign. So, remember malignant=evil!


Adjective. something that is on-point and appropriate

The articles in Hindustan Times are pertinent to the current affairs that are taking place in the country.”

  • If your mother gives you an advice to clean your room before Diwali, it is certainly a pertinent advice. You should take it.


Adjective. someone who is simple and lack worldly experience

If you believe you can top the exams by not studying hard, then you are just being naïve.”

  • Remember Anil Kapoor as Ishwar in the movie Ishwar? He is an example of someone being naïve and simple.


Verb. Reduce to a lower position

Smriti Irani was relegated from the post of Education minister to Textile Minister.”


Adjective. unpleasantly loud and harsh

Marriages in India tend to turn into a raucous affair and disturb the students.”

  • Imagine someone who has a very loud and harsh voice and every time they open their mouth, you want to shut your ear. Remember that person next time you see the word raucous.


Adjective. silly and unnecessary

In childhood, we all did a lot of frivolous things that were fun and silly.”

  • Remember when we were small we had to practice cursive writing for each alphabet? Seems frivolous now that we always type everything!


Adjective. things and people are famous for a bad reason

Amrish Puri was infamous for always playing the villain’s role in films.”

  • When someone is famous, but for a negative thing, then we call that person infamous. It is similar to negative publicity, isn’t it?


Adjective. existing in name only

The Queen has a titular role in the governance of England.”

  • The word titular comes from the Latin word titulus meaning merely a title.


Noun. bring again in activity and prominence

The 90s Bollywood songs are finding resurgence today, in the shape of remixes.”

  • Not just songs and music, but also fashion has seen a resurgence of the 70s and 80s fashion, in terms of headbands, ponchos and chokers.


Adjective. famous and well-known in stories or legend

The mischief of Lord Krishna in his childhood is so fabled that every child in the country knows about it.”

  • Not just that, the stories of Mowgli, Hanuman and Bheem are fabled tales that we all know about.


Noun. the time when something ends

On July 14th, 2013, the 163-year-old telegram service had its demise as people stopped using it.”

  • Just like handwritten letters are facing their demise after the introduction of text messages.


Adverb. To look at something with suspicion and disapproval

Low rate housing loans are usually looked with askance.”

  • Police officers, lawyers and detectives always look at everything with askance. just like you might read this in askance if I say the new iPhone 7s is not expensive!