Conjunctions exercise

Fill in the blanks using suitable conjunctions:

  1. I was going to the party ___________ I met my old school friend over there.
  2. Either you should join Amazon __________ Flipkart, the required position is same in both the companies.
  3. A lot of medical experts have tried to cure cancer __________ they have failed.
  4. The number of students doing civil engineering is less this year _________ the number of students doing computer science engineering is more.
  5. He still doesn’t talks to his friend; __________, he had forgiven him.
  6. He started to dance ____________ the music started unknowingly that he was on stage.
  7. I cannot tell about the movie how good or bad it was _________ I watch it.
  8. The internet has a lot of information and ___________ it helps people to get knowledge about each and everything.
  9. I told my friend not to stay for that long in front of the computer ___________ he didn’t listen to me.
  10. He has started packing his clothes and other stuffs ___________ he is going on a holiday.
  11. ___________ he has a knack of sleeping but he manages to wake up early and reach his office on time.
  12. My father told not to leave the house __________ I am told to do so.
  13. We went out for dinner in a cheap restaurant yesterday, ___________ the food was good.
  14. I read the novel and the movie I watched based on it was ________ good as the novel
  15. I would start right now on my lifelong dream journey, travelling across the world _______ I had the money.

Answers are in order:

  1. And
  2. Or
  3. But
  4. While
  5. However
  6. When
  7. Till
  8. Thus
  9. Still
  10. Since
  11. Although
  12. Unless
  13. Though
  14. As
  15. If