Adjective exercise

Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives to make a meaningful sentence:

  1. Our family went out for dinner yesterday and we had ___________  food.
  2. A cat crossing someone’s way is still considered a ________ omen in India.
  3. The boy was warned ___________ times about the electric pole, but he still didn’t listen.
  4. Before going for a trip, ensure to carry _________ extra money with you in case of emergency.
  5. ________the boys at the back bench were making noise in the class and it was too exasperating.
  6. There were __________ men who were spotted at the crime scene and were in an escapade.
  7. In Special Forces; men are trained to fight over ____________ enemies at a time.
  8. The new adidas superstar looks very cool so I asked my parents to buy me one of ___________ pair.
  9. A stranger asked me, “Where is the nearest police station”. It was towards 5km east of there, so I pointed in _________ direction.
  10. I asked my friend about her new friend ___________ he was going to meet today.
  11. It doesn’t matter how a person looks, ________ matters is the innate nature of the person.
  12. ___________project was selected for the state level science fair competition.
  13. Friend’s brother gave an interview and only ___________ brother was selected.
  14. We should always walk on ___________ side of the road and not in the middle.
  15. He went to the zoo and fed ____________ and every monkey he saw.
  16. Silicon Valley has a lot of ____________ origin engineers working there.
  17. The new Bollywood movie requires to cast an ______________ actress.
  18. Shikhar Dhawan is now counted among the _____________ cricketers in the country.
  19. There are a __________ of rumors and hype on the internet about IPhone 8 and it is spreading like wildfire.
  20. I was looking for _______ umbrella all over the place and then I found it in the closet.


  1. Delicious
  2. Bad
  3. Many
  4. Some
  5. All
  6. 5(or any number)
  7. 5 (or any number)
  8. Those
  9. That
  10. Whom
  11. What
  12. My
  13. His
  14. Either
  15. Each
  16. Indian
  17. American
  18. Top
  19. Lot
  20. My

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